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★CLASH OF CLANS | LET’S PLAY ELIXIR HUNTING – Troops Upgrades & Small Updates Live Episode 43★

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  1. plz ecko change the trophi requred to 1200

  2. I have valks and golems and pekkas I'm a th8

  3. u and me have the same trophies ecko

  4. every time i try to apply for clan i never works and i have enough trophies


  6. DE

  7. You should upgrade your dark elixir collector so you're closer to getting a Barbarian King.

  8. Ecko You Should get the Barbarian King

  9. Amazing and I do have dragons and PEKAs so if u want some here's my clan Phoenix Force

  10. Upgrade drag

  11. Nice.

  12. i tried to join and it didn't let me in the clan , but it had 47 people in out of 50

  13. chat in the globle

  14. ecko it wont let me join can u inite me il talk in chat replay back frist so i know your on

  15. Ecko plz lower trophies i am always on clash of clans

  16. Hey Eco use this strategy 16 giants ,12wiz,6 wallbreakers, 30archers and 30 barbarians 2 star strategy

  17. get barbarian king cos he is awesome, ecko how Manny trophies do u need to join

  18. Why are you co leader not leader xD ???

  19. I like your base, do a base build if you want! I would like to see it..

  20. I can not find your clan eck o's

  21. Ecko can you decrease the amount of trophies needed to join your clan to 1200 trophies please

  22. Nice play in insomia ✌?? 

  23. get the dragon

  24. Ecko put the trophies to 1200 so I can join

  25. please get the king!!:) he's so powerfull and I would like my best clash of clans and mcpe youtuber to win!:)

  26. can you invite me to your clan ecko

  27. Get dark elixer

  28. 1. Your an Epic YOUTUBER 2. Lover your vids 3. Keep up the amazing work mate

  29. I would get the dragons if I were you!

  30. cool

  31. are u streaming today on clash of clans

  32. can you put down the trophy s to 1100 so I can join I'm a big fan

  33. He recorded this during the week

  34. Great video your awesome

  35. CLASH ROYALE clan say SQUAW

  36. you schuld do Dragons

  37. Dragon

  38. dragons

  39. +ECKOSOLDIER Have you noticed the new achievments in minecraft Xbox 360 ?

  40. Guys I don't know what to upgrade first my gold so I can get upgrade my elixir collectors or upgrade my gold so I can get more gold and then upgrade my elixir colecters

  41. can I join your clan because I don't have a clan but I'm not super good I'm kind of good

  42. 22

  43. I liked the games you played at insomnia

  44. dragon

  45. dragon

  46. drsgon

  47. Do dark elixir pump