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★CLASH OF CLANS | LET’S PLAY “GOLD MINE UPGRADES” So Many Obstacles + Wall Upgrades Live Episode 39★

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  1. Hey its Cade from the clan. :)

  2. just saying it wanted me to raid you and i say hell no

  3. dragons

  4. I like how he has a requirement of 1500 trophies but he only has 1300

  5. Ecko can I earn co? I'm very active and donate as much as can. But some people are picky and want drags and higher stuff. My clash name is Aqua Warfare


  7. Ecko where's the boom beach

  8. get dragon

  9. use giant healer wizards wallbreakers

  10. Ecko can you lower the trofies so I can join pls pls pls PLEASE!!!???

  11. ecko can u invite me my name is sean-the-dude

  12. ECKO USE LOONION FOR TH7 ITS BEAST AND GAURENTEED TO WIN u need 2 rage and one heal and 20-25 minions rest ballons

  13. What is your name in clash of clans

  14. can I join you're clan and I love you're videos my name on clash of clans is gaming beaver

  15. Please do some more clash of clans vids

  16. Ecko I'm Better than you I'm max on every thing

  17. you suck

  18. I was th7 for 3 months hit th8 like 2 months ago and nearly max

  19. do archers barbs and wizards

  20. Ecko, When your against an asian clan, there is such a small chance of you winning

  21. mass drag is best but expensive. GiWi (Giants, Wizards and any other troops) Is the best option with 2 heals and 1 rage.

  22. People can place troops in your base next to the tesla and builders hut just move the builder hut to the right one

  23. Lol u copied a base from clash feed. ?

  24. Ecko can you plz lower the trophies to join I what to join plz

  25. I forgot we had war and i forgot to attack, sorry… :(

  26. i need 181 more trophys to join your clan

  27. i wish i could join your clan but i dont have 1500 trophys

  28. i am a bit late

  29. I've been in th7 for 6 months now I'm so close to max

  30. i love this

  31. Thanks for all the great feedback :)

  32. Ecko is a savage attacking a th8.?

  33. ecko check my name its saleh i am donating for the clan

  34. ecko check my name its saleh i am donating for the clan