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★CLASH OF CLANS | LET’S PLAY NEW UPDATE!! – Wizard Upgrades & Air Defense Changes Live Episode 42★

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  1. I like how it looks

  2. The air defenses look baaadd

  3. He's level 7

  4. I'm level 9 my town Hall not the blue level

  5. the air defenses look like crayons

  6. Ecko u dumb 'garden warfare life aura…..' Damn were you ever taught to read?

  7. The air defences suck?

  8. I want to join your clan but I don't have anoth trophies I have 900

  9. I thought you said boners

  10. ecko on my phone I can't log on and I'm in ur clan still I think if I am can u not kick me my name is Pokemon_Rulr

  11. ecko plz put down trofy level so I can join

  12. who else noticed at 2:10 ecko said Garden wafare

  13. The air defense look like a crayon.

  14. ecko if I were u I would bring healing spells and if u have 200 troop spaces do an all Archer attack helps a lot for the 7 and 8s also try to get on for 2 to 5 minutes and rearm the traps so ur defenses can defend better I'm a th8 and I maxed out my base when I was th7 my name is LuXuRy KinG and I might join ur clan

  15. Ecko could u lower the trophies to 1400?

  16. # where's the face cam

  17. Where is the face cam

  18. what level is his town hall

  19. What is that song in the background in the intro?

  20. bowler????


  22. happy easter !

  23. Pls lower trophies to 1250 at max

  24. There's no way he never bought gems and money because I've been playing for about 2 years and he's just about caught up to where I am in the game and I play just about every day

  25. what happen to you camera for your face to show

  26. where your face cam

  27. can u plz ecko change trophies to 1400

  28. hello

  29. can u plz do more more of clans maybe twice a week

  30. i saw he skipped

  31. happy easter