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★CLASH OF CLANS | LET’S PLAY SINGLEPLAYER ATTACKS – Wall Upgrades + Dragon Hunt Live Episode 41★

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  1. I'm a Th6 and I already have 147 stars on single player

  2. I'm in legends league and a th10 and idk if I should join you clan I've been debating to join

  3. ecko it does not let me join your clan

  4. so i can't join your clan ECKO

  5. i only have 900 trophies

  6. same here ecko says try later 🙁 been trying to join for weeks

  7. I'm gonna join your clan btw I'm xxeckoloerxx

  8. Put it down to 800

  9. I tried to join ur clan but it said I need more trophies but I have800

  10. can u make the required trophies 1000 please

  11. Ecko plz can u put the trophies to 1000 I'm th7 and I got drags

  12. Hey ecko I want to join but I don't have 1500 trophies can you please low the trophies to 1000
    I have 1190

  13. ecko I can't find yr clan p

  14. Tip:if you really want the Barbarian King,Don't use any dark elixir and save it up

  15. hi ecko can u lower the trophie count on ur clan

  16. 400k subs and 7k views per video…

  17. Episode 50 Gemming Hype

  18. Are u going to do clash royale

  19. Can I join your clan please? I love your videos.

  20. everytime I try to join your clan it said try later

  21. Can u lower it to 1400

  22. i wannted to join ur clan i am th 8 with pekka can i come…plz lower ur trophy count to thousand…plzz i am a good guy

  23. wat do u use to record

  24. do some geming
    on episode 50

  25. ecko new update is coming gem collector

  26. Ecko i typed it perfectly but i did'nt find your clan

  27. Ecko.I can't join your clan.when I try to sent the invite so I can join but it says unavailable to join at this time.please help.I really what to join your clan

  28. Ecko when I try to join it says unable to join clam at this moment try again later ecko plz help hope u read this comment!!! :(

  29. Lol clash of clans that's old play clash royal

  30. "this is an extremely high level dragon" =level two

  31. 664 view

  32. Ecko i can't join your clan

  33. can u pplz put trophies to 1300

  34. pls lower than 800 so I could join you

  35. His clan is only invite

  36. The one that you used your dragon

  37. ECKOSOLDIER, I have 2000 troph, I can join to your clan?

  38. Mine was the tower one

  39. You took out my fortress

  40. ecko I want to join your clan on clash royale but it full ????

  41. Why you don't play plant vs zombie garden warfare 2 it be so long you have play