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★Clash Of Clans | Let’s Play “SO MANY OBSTACLES!” Final TH6 Upgrades Live Episode 32★

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  1. ecko you are the biggest noob of clash of clans ever lol :)

  2. wut filming software do u use ecko?


  4. i ghink the new game is bloons td

  5. Ecko I got banned from your clan the only thing I did was to ask to join your clan

  6. Happy New Year! :)

  7. im a th8 u could see my invite on the screen its named stunner

  8. why he hell are you guys ignoring my invites come pls. accept I really want to join

  9. He shouldn't of destroyed the cams tree

  10. He said barb queen…

  11. dude I forgot your archer towers

  12. Lol ecko don't really know a lot of things about clash

  13. Um clash of royal ? plz be right

  14. yor archer towers

  15. Barb queen
    -Ecko 2016

  16. There are still archer towers that need upgrading


  18. i cant join your clan

  19. Hi

  20. ecko join my clan we will give you free co. ??????????

  21. gohdo okbe ok

  22. Hey Ecko I love your channel and I cant join your clan and it says "unable to join clan. try gain later" What do I do? My user name is The Unknown-you might want to know who i am when i join

  23. LOL He removed the cauldron

  24. Ecko U forgot to upgrade your archer tower and your air sweeper

  25. Ecko

  26. Great video Ecko, keep it up!

  27. Barb Queen?

  28. Are u starting a new series on Battle Bros

  29. The Christmas tree wolnt be removed echo

  30. auto correct I meant ecko

  31. gecko you have to be clan castle lvl 4

  32. Don't remove the X-Mas Tree

  33. You still need your archer towers, Ecko

  34. that is what happened to mewhen you start a battle you loose connection

  35. Boom beach

  36. U need 3 lighting spells to take out a ad

  37. 100%

  38. No I was the first one I know

  39. Hey ecko u need to be th8 for spells

  40. Btd battles

  41. boom beach is his next mobile game