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★CLASH OF CLANS | LET’S PLAY “TOWNHALL 7 CHANGES!” Triple Air Defense + New Members Live Episode 36★

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  1. Lol your base….so noob

  2. those giants were crash by the wizard

  3. Look at my base I'm BYRNE in the clan ecko

  4. When u dropped ur lightning spell the wizard didn't dye that's how ur giants died so quick. Check next time with that army u should have got 3 stars

  5. نصائح للمرأة الحامل

  6. Farming

  7. hey ecko search for toxic zero because clash of clans base design it is my old YouTube channel

  8. ecko try 12 giants three healers and archers two heal couple wall breakers dragon from clan mates and if space wiz that's a really good attack for th6 and 7 beginners

  9. do not do a farming base unless you put traps around it they do not work much because they made an update about farming

  10. ECKO

  11. PLZ

  12. Can I join your clan?

  13. Can I join the clan I'm almost maxed th7 and my name on clash of clans is FaZe Rain

  14. ecko u suck in cw



  16. ecko I can't join your clan

  17. just depends on how much loot you have

  18. hybrid is the best gets you tones of trophies. sometimes

  19. Farming does not work very well anymore u lose a lot more resources

  20. dont put your th outside because it will not give you shield

  21. Do a farming base because i done it at th7 and now it have th10 its realy good

  22. okay bitch loll ha ha faggggg ??

  23. I req to join can u kick 1 person for me I'm a th7 my name Is mike_clasher mc

  24. It would probably be better if u do a farming base so u can upgrade ur stuff easier

  25. Sorry, but ecko you suck at aya attacking

  26. I tried to join but then a elder rejected me :(

  27. Hey ekco y can't I join ur clan my gamertag is maxtankisst it says u can't join now try again later

  28. Your not using enough giants when u attack i tried telling u in dm but u didnt see it i guess

  29. do a troll base

  30. Hey ecko can u kick out inactive people so i can join

  31. 399subs almost there ecko!!!!

  32. ecko how do I join ur other clan 🙁 it won't let me

  33. Thropy

  34. Max out everything ecko OK look at my base that is a th lvl 5 OK my clan is the Nebula Dragons and my username is KING BAM

  35. you should make a farming base and don't forget your shield

  36. Make a hybrid base that are the best

  37. What is the clan tag

  38. why u declined my req pls accpect me