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★Clash Of Clans | Let’s Play “TROPHY PUSHING!! 450 Gems Gained! Max Defence Live Episode 33★

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  1. ecko what do u use to record

  2. What is ecko's clan name

  3. Why is echo co in his own clan lol

  4. ecko can I join your clan? i'm a th 7 and i can be a great help in your clan wars =)

  5. Ecko play clash royale it's a new game by the creators of clash of clans but it's only on iOS devices its a lot of fun u should do a lets play on it

  6. pls let me join ecko recruits

  7. Ecko your thumbnail says ep.32..

  8. The best attack strategy for th6 is in each one of your barracks put one healer 4 giants and 8 archers. It will make your army camps full and This really helps because I used it when I was a th6 now I'm th8

  9. sammy loser

  10. I can't join ur clan

  11. +eckosoilder are u accepting people into clan

  12. Guys you should sub to my channel

  13. Ecko, what you need is some lvl 6 balloons in your Clan castle. Once the air defence is taken out then you have a very good chance of 3 staring the base

  14. guys join my clan its FanO mall

  15. guys join my clan its FanOfClash

  16. You are so bad at attacking.. lol

  17. can i join your clan i am jacob

  18. guys join my clan its barbarian party

  19. Ecko can I join

  20. Ecko the best army for th 5 and 6 is 9 giants, 10 wizards, 4 walbreakers and the rest barbs and archers. Do any spell u like. Im a th 5.5 and i can 3 star th 6 with this strat

  21. Can I join ur fac

  22. Ecko get Hogs in your cc it will help a lot for attacking

  23. Can I join your clan I'm in gold in the clan named fossil land my name is Messiboys

  24. Eko when I try to join its says can't join this clan try again later

  25. you don't have to max everything of it is town hall 8 and ebove and why can't I join

  26. Eko

  27. Eeko can I join your clan

  28. Can i join the clan my name is boyan1742

  29. Whats The IntroSong + Category is Travel & Events

  30. Echo what happened to boom beach gameplay

  31. Anyone Please subscribe to me and i will subscribe to you

  32. ecko use 20 giants 50 archers and 4 ballons in clan castle and 2 heal spells

  33. Can't join any of your clans I even put the message you told us

  34. How do you make a world in mine craft a flat world made out of slime block

  35. Plz join my boom beach task force #82VY002G . Hope you'll join !

  36. can I join

  37. Start with giants but when you are th 7 start with king

  38. safe your gems for for 5th builder

  39. FAKE

  40. ecko you should put your giants down then send in two wallbreakers than wait and send the rest of tge wallbreakers to the middle

  41. your really bad at attacking….

  42. Can I join your clan plz I love your. Videos

  43. I am at legends league

  44. you suck at attacking

  45. 🙁 wanna join clan

  46. I like your paradise in minecraft :)