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☢️Clash Of Clans Bans & September Update 2016 Mission Critical☢️ The End… Or Is It?

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  1. There's still a way you can mod without a license. Cydia Impactor and the Imod IPA file. There is no certificate for it thus you can mod forever.

  2. Groot my I jlon your clan I'm a almost maxed out the7

  3. Great to see another video from you. Groot, what would you like to see for the September update? Also, do you think they introduce a new splash defense to combat spam attacks?

  4. Same here. The next update will determine if i will quit for good or not. Good to see you are still alive Groot, your one of the very few voices i like to agree with in clash. I wish you would make more stuff, but yeah, make them only if you want.

  5. I'm waiting for September update also it's either going to save the game or end it for me