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✨TH9 FARMING BASE 2016 WITH BOMB TOWER✨ || October Update 2016 || Clash Of Clans

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  1. the bomb tower was in the base edit. looks like you basically copied someone elses base and added the bomb tower because your replays are from a different base or account because the bomb tower is not in the replays

  2. Clickbait! He just did this to get people to watch the video. I would have subscribed but "3 Star Attack" is deceptive. Thumbs down!

  3. the replay battle doesn't have the bomb tower? where is it? this is a waste of time. bad

  4. the replay battle doesn't have the bomb tower? where is it?

  5. are the replay bases even yours lol? everything just gets switched around outta no where lmfaoo

  6. what do u lose if zoom it ?!!!!
    dislike ?

  7. Hey man with all your respect,why is the Bomb Tower was not there? why did you even post this if you did not include the bomb tower???? I'm serious about what i said, so can you please reset the video and make the replays with Bomb tower??? Thanks : )

  8. kardeş Türk müsün :)

  9. join here guys new clan . Clan name -The Avengers.#R8V9G8PG

  10. The bomb tower is not on the replays

  11. im turning 12 in 14/10/16 can i get 12 likes?

  12. where is the bomb tower

  13. nice base

  14. nc . like that base

  15. Good vids bro!!! Keep it up legit!!!

  16. Hi!

  17. can u do a th8 trophy plz with bomb tower