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10 Update’s “Clash of Clans” Needs NOW!!! NEW 2016

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  1. time some people hated suprecell: Santa strike´╗┐

  2. my cousin took away my Halloween thing its gone now ?´╗┐

  3. co-member´╗┐

  4. The Last seen thing is a bad idea to high level players in a clan because the lower ths will ask them to donate everytime´╗┐

  5. I was your 500th like!!!!´╗┐

  6. I'd like to see a war ATTACK %. This way you can tell if a new member uses their attacks or is just a hopper´╗┐

  7. Awesome ideas!!!
    I want Supercell must implement all these features. Some of those features will really help myself run my clan easier.´╗┐

  8. Wat i meant is i was bullied into giving him leader´╗┐

  9. +ION CLASH i dont want you to join but can you check my clan out my clan is called 20 and over but my old clan is 10 and over and i was bullied into giving the current leader i reported him and nothing was done can you please check this out because it is so annoying´╗┐

  10. when they just fixed bugs when the people (me) have been waiting for months for a big update´╗┐

  11. When troops got erased when the army camps got destroyed´╗┐

  12. They shud have pekka king´╗┐

  13. Good deas´╗┐

  14. Th11 and the air sweeper´╗┐

  15. They should add a 'Like' Button to profiles. each time you get a 'like', you can get a loot bonus, stronger shield (Less shield loss when you attack, longer shield) or troop strength and defence. or your defences can be more powerful. it could make the game more 'fun'.´╗┐

  16. lol the chat durring the dunce one´╗┐

  17. SWEEPER*´╗┐


  19. the first one is legit ?´╗┐


  21. i thought of that 3rd one but didnt comment about it!´╗┐

  22. for #6 Kick for 10 mins then 30 then 1 hour then 4 hours then 8 hours then 16 hours then 1 day then a week then forever´╗┐