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1,000,000 Barbarians | Clash of Clans with Cam

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  1. Congratulations Cam, I m so happy that you became a "big fish" in this ocean called YouTube n.n

  2. If you sub me, I will sub back. We can all gain hundreds of subscribers if we all sub each-other. Just say done when subbed and I will sub back!

  3. Cam=49%

  4. ooh man didnt know your fanbase is that 'old'…

  5. Cam mention me pls I've been subed since 10000 @clashwithcam


  7. Congrats CameroBro??

  8. congrats cam

  9. Why's is everyone's face soo ugly

  10. Congrats pro yo got 1 million damn

  11. great job reaching 1 million cam! I hope u keep making the good videos

  12. That misleading title though

  13. If course the black guy has the best speech ??

  14. 1,000,000

  15. Yesssss congrats CAM

  16. ????????????

  17. congrats?

  18. ????????????

  19. congrats

  20. here is a Bad word Boobs

  21. So how much you payin these people to say that? I need some extra cash too tho ? lol jk this just shows how many people love what you do so just keep doin you Cam!?

  22. congrats cam ^^ been hete since 230k ^^ love u bro lol to u bro ^_^

  23. ive been going trough some rough times with my parents getting divorced but cams videos make me smile even though im sad. thanks cam/chris

  24. I've been here since 200,000k subs

  25. Congratz Bro!

  26. What was the background music used in this video? 🙂

    Congratulations on getting 1M subscribers.. I have improved using GoHo thanks to your videos

  27. #camsucksatattacking# lol

  28. i have been here since 500k

  29. MY BOY GJ MAN!

  30. I like how everyone crawls back to him like I've been here since 50k n stuff like that. I love ur vids can keep up the great work

  31. Been here since 25k… your channel has grown so fast! You are the only reason why I still play CoC <3 <– no homo

  32. Congrats cam, u are the best youtuber I have ever seen and I've seen a lot of different you tubers but u my friend, are something else that is awesome keep doing what u do cam

  33. i was only his 120000 subscriber ( not exact) yeah i wasnt the first

  34. I'm so happy for you I started watching your videos when you had 55,000 in so happy to get to 1,000,000 congrats BRO!!!

  35. congo cam

  36. OMFG it actually happened

  37. I lost my clash account :(

  38. been here since 500,000 subs! <3

  39. YEAH

  40. Also thank you CAM for showing me your strategies. They really helped me improve. If it wasn't for you i wouldn't be in Masters League. Love you <3

  41. Man, u are the best youtuber EVER!! 1 mil is a great accomplishment. You have the best intros and u are really good at attacking. #camsucksatattacking
    You were always the best no matter what anyone told you. Still being awesome, don't listen to those Epi people in your life (draw my life), but u kept at it. I truly believe anyone can achieve what they dream about. You have inspired me to achieve my dream too. Keep posting the great content because you make me and everyone else smile. CLASH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. your vids make my day txs cam your awesome

  43. been here since 20k! proud to be an OG and proud of you for 1mil subs #camrules

  44. gg