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15 Reasons Why I HATE Clash Of Clans!!!

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  1. My clan is button1010 (Level 7)

  2. My clan is "the legends"

  3. ION clash My clan Is called US union highst PERSON IS called mudgha something like that

  4. Smokers Anon

  5. The sound quality is really bad

  6. My clan name is DeVils ReJeCts

  7. COLD REVENGE am rød grød am around Masters 2 th 8 max

  8. ????

  9. that was awesome???

  10. And he is a town hall 9 plz join today

  11. Plz plz join

  12. Plz join mine our clan is * drag#rider* and the best guy in our clan is called brabus

  13. try Equidor Reborn

  14. Blue Corundum is my clan, and Tek is the leader. I think you might remember me for being a fan boy in IKX, my username is XPerience.

  15. my clan is silver dollar and my name is Lil Chris

  16. My clan tag is #L8Y8Q2QP

  17. My clan is asbestosstar


  19. My Clan Is ION CHAMPS X

  20. igx

  21. I am in DIF and with My other account i am in Apberget

  22. juggernot300

  23. Lo

  24. Sam I am

  25. my clan is reasons of evil its a black and White flag

  26. Join kbEn100 please

  27. reckless warrior level 8 clan

  28. earraep

  29. I'm using my mums YouTube account plz visit my clan it is called DemCups Remeber me from ION JUMPS X My Coc name is Granny Slayer?

  30. 2000016

  31. Iron Clash 3.0

  32. best vids ion

  33. Epic intro, epic video!?

  34. ACE craft!!

  35. Btw it's bosshog

  36. Ion visit mine since were freinds. lol search up Mega Warriors 2?✌


  38. #2YOVO898 Omg lvl7

  39. nomadic journey (lvl 8 ) ign- King Aman Lvl 100

  40. Clan Name: Mega Warriors 2. Clan Tag: #YL8R2G2J. Name: Riley336

  41. Beserkers we also have a feeder clan :)