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1st TH10 LIVE ATTACK | What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (#33)

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  1. Awesome that you post fails PB. Big fan here bro.

  2. Lol PB gettin cheated. Welcome to th10!

  3. love this game. hate the queen

  4. it just a click south of grease just a little bit north of Russia haha

  5. The wall is a 3D structure and it looks like the ring extends to the outside of the wall and to the ground adjacent. Your AQ went right to the wall and clipped the inferno ring. I learned about that 3D structure bit a while ago when I was researching the new jump mechanics a while back. Sucks, but you've got to take that into account on the northern walls.

  6. Feel bad for you man…happened with me today as well. But, kudos for being a stand up and posting it online!!! Big fan of yours!

  7. Thanks for posting the vid even though it was a fail (not many youtubers do so). Keep it cool and cheers from "El buen zagal" clan! ;)

  8. I love this game too PB!!! LOL xD Good luck on your next attack PB!

  9. Dude the flag banter at the start had me in stitches.

  10. i can feel you man! just as u think that AQ walk goes fine then suddenly in one blink, it sucks and the whole plan goes the drain as well. But still a good try in salvaging the 1star. Welcome to TH10 journey, looking for more nice videos to come :)

  11. argghhhhhhh!!!! damn that inferno!!!

  12. lol loving that face at 8:47

  13. check at 10:13 of the video when you click off the tower you see the ring outside the wall it pops up and disappears.

  14. You misjudged the range on the inferno. The game is 2d, so even though it looks like the wall is out of range of the inferno it is not because there is half a tile or so between the base of the wall and the top of the wall. what you thought was outside the inferno range was the top of the wall. you queen engaged the cc from the base of the wall was in range of the inferno. its not the fault of the game.

  15. 9:06, yeah me too xD

  16. Thats rough man hahaha. Loved your reaction though. My second and third accounts are th9s, love all the different strategies you show.

  17. The "3D" aspect of the game causes the defensive ranges to look shorter than they really are on the top half of defenses. I learned that the hard way too :/. ITs have a 9 tile radius. Sad part is, you prob would have been ok if the hound hadn't come over right then.

  18. Woah woah.. I'm little bit surprised too about that Inferno's range..

  19. Ah, so you are human too… Good to know. ?

  20. Poor PB?

  21. PB did you google those flags? Cause I had no idea lol

  22. Hahaha couple of failures myself tonight, I feel you.

  23. Unlucky PB

  24. Props to you for uploading a fail. Was starting to think you were some sort of clash robot or something

  25. love this game love this game LOOOLLLLL guveaway on my channel :)

  26. No worries Pb I've been doing queen warden walks at th 11 one little thing goes wrong and suck. Small,learning curve . You will be the shit in no time I'm sure

  27. Even though the raid was a fail, I enjoy watching it. It's good to see th10 content like this. Can't wait till you hit th11 now.

  28. agreed, that range on the inferno was unfair, better luck next time PB

  29. Glad to see u don't always 3 star lol

  30. Bad luck pb

  31. pb, the 2d map and the 3d way we view it explain why your aq may have been in range. check out an old video by sweidman called new jump mechanics.

  32. You are a good youtuber but you talk way to much i just loose interest 4 minutes into the video not enough game play… no offense

  33. Can't wait for your TH10 3 star bible.

  34. inferno has 9 tile range ur queen was right at 9 lol maybe if that dark drill had gone down she wouldnt be pulled there

  35. Welcome to my clash of clans exsitance. These freaking inferno towers are the bane of my gaming.