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200+ EAGLE ARTILLERIES DOWN! – Clash of Clans – Big Loot 3 Star Attacks!

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  1. Luv u Witeeee ? ? ? ? ?

  2. CQOTD : Why is mathew the leader in your clan daddy darlings? btw love ur vids!

  3. nice

  4. Clickbaity as fuck go fuck yourself

  5. CQOTD: I know this is not a question for COC or CR but, what is your favorite NBA basketball team? Btw give shout out to me "Gregory" plz.

  6. Do you think clash royale should add the heal spell??? If not why???

  7. can someone tell me the song he used in the raid against precidus? I cannot find it anywhere

  8. CQOTD: have you ever had to deal with the lose of pets and how did it feel?what did you do to get over it. (my dog had to be put down yesterday.)

  9. I like clash of clans

  10. CQOTD: What do you think about the new friendly attacks in COC?


  12. CQOTD: did you get fucked up at you prom after party? i know i did

  13. CQOTD: I just got my learner driver license. What was it like when you got yours?

  14. they are finally bringing in pvp friendly attacks in CoC !!!!!!

  15. Looking for a clan on clash royale, I'm lvl 8 and quite a good player

  16. can you do a video on the new coc update

  17. Nice job on 1 mil

  18. Fucking clickbait. Unsubscribed

  19. Click bait

  20. CQOFTD:What advice do you have for me when i go to ninth grade

  21. Click bait gtfo this why ur channel is trash

  22. Why do the damn advertisements for other videos never go the fuck away like I click the X and the shit doesn't work ???

  23. What is your outro song

  24. CQOTD: What aren't you going to college?

  25. Dude your videos are AWESOME. You've got me back to clash of clans and clash royale. I watch all of them and your live streams. Keep it up dude

  26. Loot… if instead of gaming you'd done actual work, you'd have actual wealth by now…