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20000 SUBSCRIBER VLOG | Beatboxing and Random Topics

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  1. re-watch all Atta's videos and then imagine you got money for every time Atta starts a sentence with "It's weird because…"

  2. I don't have a clan coz there is no good clans anymore

  3. Play!!!

  4. 20k! ??

  5. Jeff didn't do a Q and A with Atta because he was doing one with his girlfriend

  6. Congrats man i was the guy who saw this video on 69th view

  7. congo bro u rock

  8. Plz respond ata

  9. congratulations for 20k subscribers

  10. hey atta loved your beatbox

  11. I don't have a clan and I miss it cause it was real motivation. but unfortunately there was some racist people in my old clan. and well I couldn't even say anything cause they all were Co leaders. all I did was just leaving the clan. and now I'm lonely.

  12. 20K SQUAD!!!

  13. Make ur intro u beatboxing and add some sound effects and shit

  14. best backround music ever

  15. congrats

  16. congrates bro atta

  17. hi

  18. Also play Gta And Bloons Td battles

  19. Atta I DARE you $1 to reply

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  21. Congrats

  22. congrats bro

  23. congratulations on 20k

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