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200k Subscriber Special – THANK YOU! iPad Air Giveaway

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  1. yeeeee

  2. Ash, are you talking about your brother who accompanied with you in your first Pokemon Go video? Sorry, if it was personal… I've been with ya for a long time and enjoy your Clash Royale videos! Congratulations on the 200K Take Care!

  3. Hey ash, it's ok man. We are all with you.

  4. so happy for 200.000 subcribe so i can help..

  5. Congrats for the 200k, hope you continue with this amazing content (:

  6. Congratulations Ash! Sorry to hear about the totally shitty rough spot you've been in and are continuing to persevere. I watch every single one of your Clash Royale videos – they are excellent. Keep it up man!

  7. Congrats on the 200k subs man, we all know that you're a great and genuine man… keep doing what you love, we are always here.

  8. Hey Ash, your a nice person, really like you, keep up the good work!?

  9. Omg ash you're amazing keep up the amazing work and your videos. Good job on the 200k subs. ??

  10. congrats ash! we are with you just keep doing clash :)

  11. i thought he hit 500 1 year ago…

  12. how long till the contest ends Ash?

  13. yamer saad from in iraq

  14. Luv ya ash !! Even if… When coc fails.. I will still b checkin in on ya

  15. Congrats Ash , It is an amazing achievement , Thanks for keeping us updated about your health . Wishing you all the best in life

  16. "200,000k subs." quote from Tim.

  17. Ash is awesome even though I've disagreed with some of his ideas in some past clash content. I play clash of clans very little these days and don't even play anything else. But, I'm still subbed here just because he puts out entertaining and informative videos. I already have an iPad so I won't even try to enter, but I hope someone gets one and appreciates it. It's too bad Ash doesn't respond like he used to when he had less than 20k subs lol

  18. your awesome ash keep up the hard work♥

  19. You're amazing Ash! So inspiring!

  20. I have that shirt. Also: grats on 200k. No one on YouTubes is more deserving.

  21. Love ya Ash/Tim. Keep up the great work