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    31 Dec 2013 ...  

    Davao’s Finest (DF) is not just an ordinary clan of a game. DF is a discipline, a character, a family. It is aimed to develop pure fun and friendship among

  2. CLASH OF CLANS // This Is Your Army

    24 Dec 2013 ...  

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  3. códigos de trucos para el choque de los clanes ( clash of clans )

    18 Dec 2013 ...  

    Descargar : Este truco hará todo lo que sueñas y, además, nos ha codificado de una manera tal que es imposible de detectar a menos que genere muy, muy

  4. Air bombs got crazy in Clash of Clans!!!

    09 Dec 2013 ...  

    I was raiding a village just like always and suddenly this bomb appeared and appearently it was a ‘long range’ bomb xD! Likes: 0 Viewed: 146 source