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2016 UPDATE – Top 5 BEST TH8 Attack Strategy for 3 Stars in Clan War

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  1. thanks ????

  2. loving your vids lol 3 uploads in a day Is awesome

  3. great vid

  4. Criminal's attack on Lo Pan was a clean up. Aaaaaaa attacked it first and got the 1 star.

  5. The people saying clash of clan is dead is because of clash w/ cam.. So ignorant people. Keep making videos, they're very entertaining. (: Idk if you remember me still.

  6. Dan I'm an almost Max th 7 and my trophies are pretty low I was wondering if you could lower your required trophies

  7. thanks dan ! continue making them videos !

  8. Dude clash of clans is dead go for clash royale instead of coc