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27-30 VALKYRIE 3 STAR STRATEGY – Mass VALK Sweep! (Th9 – Th11)

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  1. fucking amazing´╗┐

  2. Habe ein 100ÔéČ Gewinnspiel am laufen , freue mich auf jede Teilnahme´╗┐

  3. Ash I love your channel but both of those bases for th11 were candy for Valks. I know u r on forums, pls catch up with Nio. He is the leader of Valhalla, and nobody understands Valks better then he does and how to defend against them. He's a game specialist on forums. I really think he would be a great interview. People r defending against mass Valk including himself and he will tell u y and how. Maybe even visit his clan, who specialize in valk attacks.´╗┐

  4. I'm 4 days away from getting max lvl valks and there's a maintenance break… Bet they will be merged before I even get to try them out ­čÖü they don't look that op 2/3 of your replays where just barely 3 stars´╗┐

  5. The places of the Witch and the Valkyrie are swapped after the previous update.´╗┐

  6. Previous 20 witches 3 starred bases and now 30 valks 3 stars bases. They just do it for money and will nerf them soon.´╗┐

  7. on our recent war i got 6 stars on my 2 attacks using mass valkyrie at townhall 9 any kind of base design they can easily 3 starred because they are so strong and the most over powered troops in COC right now´╗┐

  8. what is the minimum hero level ash for these attacks bcoz i have low level heroes(14/11)???´╗┐

  9. its really working i start use yesterday queen walk 4 healers. 13 valkyrie. 2 golems and 5 wizards 3 rage spells. 1 heal and 3 EQ spells and cc same 3 valks 1 EQ and after this just collect the trophys and war attacks is just perfect. i watch you allready long time and you videos help me lot. same i use your informations my own youtube cannel for Estonian players. thank you lot and keep doing what you do ­čÖé you are just the best clash of clans and clash royale youtuber´╗┐

  10. Hey Ash my golava attacks have been going bad quite bad recently. My hounds die much faster now. Not sure if the x-bow buffs affected it but can you show us more of those attacks for max th9 and th10. Also lessen the mass valks content because we've seen so much of those.´╗┐

  11. "U-China"? lol Ash, the enemy clan name is Uchiha, in reference to Naruto. i know it doesnt matter, i just needed to get that off my chest lol´╗┐

  12. Nice Video Ash! Been Doin that as a TH9, and get 3 stars easily haha. So that means another nerf is coming I suppose.´╗┐

  13. Lol too easy´╗┐

  14. so i made the mistake of not lvling valks and now rushing to upgrade em as fast as possible…. but question. Are witches just not good anymore? i feel like even standards gowiwi has trouble 2 star medium th10s atm.´╗┐

  15. please don't spread this cancer. anything over 12 valks is too much. Talks work perfectly well with 6-12, but over that and it gets dirty. like mass golem or witch.´╗┐

  16. Lol it's not uChina, it's uchiha. 3:14 Any naruto fans here?´╗┐

  17. I'm assuming these must have been cleanup attacks since you had no cc lure.┬á Do you have any examples where there was a dragon in the cc?´╗┐

  18. We got rekt in war by kids doing this´╗┐

  19. SC is too smart doing this Valk buff! This will cause people, who never upgraded their valks, to gem a "once useless" unit. SC makes tons of money from this, then they nerf the crap out of her… well played supercell.´╗┐

  20. Road to 50k subscribers :D´╗┐

  21. Tired of watching th9 n th11 attacks and also royale. Do you actually know there are still th10s? Quiting this bullsht´╗┐

  22. c'mon shouldn't Supercell test these buffs before rolling them out??? I dont think it requres that much skill to test if a troop is OP. Then after getting everyone excited with a lot of players gemming it they nerf it to the point of uselessness (hello witch!)… I was pretty possitive with the TH11 update changes but these nerfs are reallh getting to me… aside from the cheating.´╗┐

  23. Not good game balance right here Supercell. Please fix´╗┐

  24. they might need adjusting at th11. but they don't at th 10 so what ever they do they need to either adjust gw or add defence strength. not nurf the valk so it doesn't become useless like the witch.´╗┐

  25. Awesome video Ash! Check out my attack in the alliance clan SAC Kings Elite if you can. I 95% but could have been a 3 lol´╗┐

  26. Oh sht…that's amazing @@´╗┐

  27. I was ahead of the curve´╗┐

  28. omg Ash. lmao´╗┐

  29. will lvl 4 valks work at th11? still ug the troop since never cared about them before this update.´╗┐

  30. Being able to 3 star with a mass of any troop is ridiculous. smh´╗┐

  31. I think it's great lol. our guys that really can't play place all the valks in one place and destroy the other clan base and get 3 stars in war lol´╗┐

  32. Why are you blurring the defender´╗┐

  33. well… a nerf is in our foreseeable future.´╗┐

  34. what if theres a dragon in the clan castle´╗┐

  35. what if theres a dragon in the CC´╗┐