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3 STAR ATTACKS – Th9 vs Th9 BABY DRAGON PEKKA HYBRID + Th8 GoVaHo & Dragon – Clash of Clans

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  1. I think the clan isn't the best for showing attacks.. The most of the attacks are normal TH9 stuff. U should search for some maxed th9 attackers. Lvl 30 Heroes make raids special, especially TH9 vs TH10

  2. Hi! I'm Brazilian, so I understand only a bit of the video. And my English isn't so good

  3. I know you're not really in the Th 9 game but healer pekka and bowlers is a nub attack anyone can use to three first try

  4. too pro

  5. quite obvious a lot of engineered bases/players in this clan to screw up the war match up… so the greener than hulk thing?? LOL nothing to be proud of if they are taking advantage of the system…

  6. Hi I am no.1 huge fan of your commentary