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3 STAR EVERY TIME! – Clash of Clans – New Update Overpowered Strategy

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  1. Smiley got rekt, thats what she gets for trying to insult arabs! #ThinkBeforeYouOpenYourMouth

  2. CQOTD: if you ended up where all you troops were max before the March update would you have ug the valks?

  3. Will you ever open your clan in clash Royal

  4. CQOTD: Do you think supercell should ever put Gems on sale? Such as for special occasions

  5. CQOTD: What is your favorite troop in CoC?

  6. Comment Question: Hey why don't you play boom beach… Since it's a supercell game i thought you would play it too. Btw nice vids

  7. Mystic Valks were always good not just the lvl 5 ones :/

  8. If supercell didn't exist, then what would you play?

  9. Cqotd: Do you think lvl 3'eagle will come out, when and why do you think it will come out then?

  10. Common question of the day: how long have u done YouTube for

  11. he's a fagot

  12. At the end of the vid was anybody watching the clan chat?

  13. if u join my clan I will subscribe to your Channel

  14. The ai also is extremely good for the valks which helps them a lot

  15. CQOTD: just as a ONE OF could you not gem for max Valkries? # proud to be part of the one million.

  16. that my Bass ??

  17. CQOTD: What sports did you play? (if any at all)

  18. don't worry sc will make giant bombs do doubled damage and kill valks again like hogs soon enough

  19. Does anyone else try to click the bar on the side when you see someone put w message, lol

  20. Gem the Valkyries plz like if u want him to gem them

  21. wite's the type of nigga to fuck the valk over the queen

  22. at 0:40 can someone translate and tell me his name im just curious

  23. This literally proved you can spam troops in one spot and still win… #noskill

  24. CCOTD: When are you going to do a face reveal.

  25. plz make 300 valcrie

  26. My pen is in a goat

    My penis in a goat Lol get it

  27. no wonder they kicked smiley, his last comment was racist AF IMO, RIP smiley ?

  28. Balks need no nerf, just have more than 1 compartment in your base…

  29. what is happening ?

  30. Commen Question Of The Day: Will you ever play Hay Day and if you do can you record it?!

  31. 1 like = 1 prayer for smiley

  32. Rip Smiley 12:44

  33. CQOTD: Do you think that supercell made Valkyries OP because they knew that you only had lvl 1 valks? 😀 p.s ILY <3

  34. race horse could comentate it

  35. CQOTD: What inspired you to do YouTube, and what convinced you to play clash of clans?

  36. lol screw bowlers, the new valkyries kick ass

  37. Will you be doing a 1 million subscriber special ?

  38. Wite upgrade the bowlers too because next thing you know supercell makes them the next OP troop and everybody is making fun of you for holding another L lol.

  39. Those valkiers op as fuck

  40. Just change your base to have a lot of compartments. The reason they're so good is because there's no compartment so they keep getting inbetween buildings.

  41. How do you shoot your videos

  42. Take a shot everytime he says valkyries. lmao

  43. CQOTD: are you going to make a subscriber clan? if you do how many trophys needed ?

  44. Common Question Of The Day: do you think the golemites, larrys, and lava pups should be a troop itself if a new update comes out and would it be cool to have the mini dragon and mini pekka as a troop in CoC??