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3 STAR LOCK at TH9 With BOWLERS + Valks or Hogs! Clash Of Clans Strategy

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  1. That's HGHB =) a very op strategy! Even th8s can use it and 3 star bases

  2. Thanks again Ash just 3 starred my mirror in current war top th9, I actually used the HGHB with 2 baby drags.

  3. the music at 4:08 😀

    cool vid Ash!! love the strat!

  4. ash!!! We dont have bowlers in my clan and we don't actually need them but we would love to have you join the clan with your TH9 just to say hi and maybe do a couple friendly challenges?

    idk how to use Twitter, I don't even have a Twitter account.

  5. cant save video's..huhu

  6. Just had a 6 star war with 2 HGHB attacks and half of my clan's th9s are doing this attack. It is really powerful and hard to stop

  7. Ash i would like to see more TH10 content, you have been focusing a lot on th9 and th11 recently

  8. Ash please , whatever you do don't play Pokemon No lol I have left so many channels today! Thank you for the COC vids!

  9. how about lv 2 bowler?are they good too for war?

  10. very very woooow

  11. th9 is the best th level for experimenting with attacks

  12. Ash please watch my latest video i played you on it

  13. Brobrobro bro ash plz recommend a th9 war base for new th9s..or just make one

  14. استمر يا وحش ?

  15. Hey ash can you please do another video on (ash approved ) base designs for war. Thanks

  16. my strat is the best 8 giants 4 healers 2 heal 2 rage one haste 3 wall breakers 2 minions 2 archers 6 wiz n cc bowlers n poison n easy 3 star

  17. hey ash  what happend to red elite? It Always was a nice clan you could join for  a chat.. But last few times I wanted to join for coffee i got denied… Why? also saw some new atack strategyes I wanted to ask you about, havent seen it on your yt or other yt jet

  18. Lol.. that music playing midway through to video!

  19. ash I am real fan of you could I join any clan of your bcaz I wanna learn goho or valk attack and I going push to titan

  20. I did 6 HGHB attacks. 5 attacks with lvl2 bowlers and 1 attack with max bowlers. Those 5 attacks were 3 star and with max bowlers it was 2star 74 percent. LOL

  21. i use 9 giants

  22. Buen vídeo ?

  23. I also need a clan for max bowlers!!

  24. been doing this attack with low teen heros and lvl 2 bowlers. works well. our clan leader will have max bowlers next week. can't wait to try them.

  25. why is no one talking about how loud that music was?

  26. nice video

  27. Ash you are the best Youtuber I love your vids

  28. Ash, u deserve more subs …

  29. Hey Ash! Your a huge inspiration! Starting My own YT on clash because of you. You have taught be to have fun with what I do and to produce quality content that everyone loves just like yourself. Thanks for the Video!


  31. That music tho

  32. Thanks Ash! My mirror this war was a th10 with infernos. I used bowlers in cc along with 4 wiz 1 baby drag and 12 valks. Oh yeah 7 healers. Squeezed out the two star thanks to lvl 30 queen walk. Thanks for your videos!

  33. Nice work bro! thanks for the video

  34. Este es mi cuenta de free my app

  35. unfortunately i rushed to th10 ?

  36. noooooooo i thought you did a tournament every upload :*

  37. Heres a big joke:

    Gowipe and Mass Drags at th9

  38. 4:10 lmao

  39. love ur vids ash always look for ur vids on the new th9 strategies! keep it up

  40. 1st

  41. Nice

  42. If you need a clan join Flaming Wardens Cp is leader

  43. hiiii

  44. if u reply ash i will FLIP!!!!!!