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3 Star Series: “MAX ATTACK” Clan War TH9 Attack Strategy | Clash of Clans

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  1. Awesome attack I gotta try this

  2. Qt: a bridge collapsed right in front of me in a major flood.really scary.

  3. Can you please do a th7 base or a th7 dragloon walk through because now th7 has 3 air defences instead of 2

  4. Qt: not a memorable moment because i was about 3, but i had a heart murmur, and i had trouble breathing and apparently i was rushed to the hospital, and they pumped a bunch of stuff in me.

  5. QT: Yeah I almost get run over a lot lol

  6. Qt: I when i was like 10 i was crossing the street and some idiot just decided to go faster in his car…so i ran to finish crossing the street and i just showed him the middle finger :D

  7. Qt: yes, once I asked to a girl if she got some weight

  8. Qt: I was on my penny board going near 20 mph down a hill and I was attacking a max th9 in war! So I was focused on the game then I heard a beep ahead so I looked up and there was a car heading towards me and I got scared so I turned right and got speed wobbles and thankful I managed to gain control again. P.S. Still got the three ;)

  9. qt: yeah, a bus fell over me and was above me for around 2hrs. And thank you for your video.

  10. qt: yea, had a vehicular accident with a public transport that I was blamed for (which I didn't do) by the driver like wtheck

  11. More clash royale plz

  12. Could you maybe show us some TH10 3 star content and TH10 anti 2 bases?

  13. please can you do a gohowipe for th8 or gohowi because i need th8 attack soon !!??

  14. nice