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3 Star Series: The “HGHB” TH9 Attack Strategy | Clash of Clans

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  1. #bluedemon they're OP!!

  2. Thanx for this

  3. please tell me your joking…bowlers are completely unbalanced and has ruin the game th10 up as you cannot create bases against it as its so easy to 3 star…they will be hit will a very very hard nerf….miners are the next op troop

  4. Blue devil demon

  5. Yea for real man!!!

  6. #bluedemon nice job wicked some nice examples there….hog riderrrrr!

  7. ı m can t speak english but very good videos

  8. #bluedemon

  9. what's op?

  10. Hey Wicked. My clan doesnt have any th10 members. Do you mind if i stop by your clan for bowlers?

  11. #bluedemon

  12. #bluedemon!!! I'd love to try this strategy but our only th10 member is usually not around!! great video


  14. #bluedemon

  15. hey Wicked Gaming
    there is a game released that is called Battlechamps and believed to be better than clash of clans …i played that game and is awesome sooooo good give it a try

  16. #blue demon

  17. blue demo

  18. nice

  19. hahahahaha 3:03 lmao

  20. My clan is looking for more Clan War fanatics.. please apply to X-Loyal clan id: #8YOPJOYJ if you are a mature player and know 3 star attack strategies or have a basic knowledge of them and are willing to learn. No rushed bases accepting TH8 and above. Thanks guys

  21. The most op Town Hall 9 attack

  22. Can you do a valk hog?

  23. 1st