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[3 Star TH9 #34] Clear TH9 popular base by Goho/Zapquake Golalo

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  1. What is the name of this base does anyone know that?

  2. hey Jack. I love your base design video. I just have a question about this strategy ^. Does using level 5 lightning spells and level 2 quake spells work?

  3. Hey Mate, bundle of thanks from ur nice and useful Videos 🙂
    Mate can u plz share a video how to 3 str a TH9 having "box base" which Is actually used for Th10's my classmates many attacks missed for taking 3 str we have 10 hours remaining ending war, plz if u can help in case, thanks.

  4. You aré fu kini retard in all the 8,5 th i see ONLY the queen and there moré walls retard

  5. hey Jack! its me D.E.M LEUR @ our clan! 😉 im your subscriber! 😉 keep makin vids! and keep clashing! ;)

  6. And what does this show us?! GoHo and GoLavaloon is overpowered and the Internet bases are pratty bad :D

  7. Hey, how do you record your footage?

  8. good video jack sparrow it's so good the strategy

  9. Wow nice video
    keep going :)

  10. Very good strat thank you,see that base all the time,know how to 3 it now,thank you

  11. nice!

  12. please share about your raid strategy after update, thank you

  13. Good Job =D

  14. Nice

  15. make th9 anti 2 star war base bro

  16. 4. like

  17. Great video as always huy !

  18. first