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3-Star Vault #10: How to Beat Popular TH10 Base

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  1. JoseanSc (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

  2. Pretty close on the cc kill….

  3. ?New War Clan?UnknownLegends?Accepting Th8️⃣➖⏸?⛔️NoRushed Bases?Clan Tag-#QCJPQQJU

  4. 100k congrats pb. Been here for a while. Amazing to have seen you grow. Always have kept your videos at the best quality you could possibly have. I remember when you recorded in your car, during the night. You had grown a lot. All truly deserved bud.

  5. congratulations pb… a milestone has been achieved…

  6. congrajulation power bang my master

  7. 1 million Subs yeah!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Powerbang? Good to see you looking better. Just wanted to say thanks for the army and spell comp detail on your screen..saves me trying to freeze frame when the attack ends lol. Look after yourself. .not yet 100% we see

  9. This is a tough base surgically destroyed by the first jump spell, BK and valks.
    Sometimes my iPad has a delay so I keep trying to deploy a spell and end up deploying to rage spells in the same spot. I doubt the attacker meant to drop to freeze spells at the same spot.

  10. PB, congrats on 100k subs!

  11. congrats on 100k subs

  12. you are amazing I am new Th9 and now I get 3 star thanks for your vedios

  13. Should point out that all xbows are set to ground or otherwise imho its a fail. Also to get the valks to split exactly this way is either very lucky or its tried out several times before the actual attack thru a mod maybe, it's just not possible to plan this out 100% risk free in theory in your mind without actually doing it in test runs.If you would be off a tiny bit they all run most likely in one direction. Beside this attack is very customized to that specific base, even its one of the common bases there are still some small variations within and the same strategy can easy fail if there are minor changes.

  14. .

  15. 13 left to 100K Sub!

  16. Is called siniqwa

  17. congrats for the 100k :D

  18. who has a clan that hs max bowlers plsss I need it for our clan war comment plsss thanks…

  19. PB how r u feeling now bro? going to upload any pokemon go videos ?

  20. holy shit. he will hit 100k subs today. he only has 29 more to go! Congrats PB!

  21. it was bugging me how he didn't noticed Corporal drop 2 freeze on first inferno

  22. hey powerbang… I'm seeing funny but I thought I saw him use two freezes on one inferno? I'm assuming that was a mistake

  23. Congratz on 99 956 subscribers!!!

  24. Hey PB what do you use to record? I'm only asking cause I want to make a channel like yours (but mainly focusing on th8 and lower attack and defense strats)

  25. Guys totally forgot to point it out in the video, but should be (SHOULD be) fairly obvious that you don't drop two freeze spells on the same exact spot intentionally. save the second freeze for the 2nd inferno tower as loons approach and you'll end up with another 5 or 6 loons alive. Sorry for not mentioning during video.

  26. He used both freeze spells on the same spot… I think one was intended to be dropped on the second inferno later.

  27. Pls make some TH8 content

  28. I think if you don't get that second air defense with kill squad, it'll be a fail. And it's not a sure thing that the valks will take both down

  29. After the vid I'd call it the Loser layout. jk good work pb