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3-Star Vault #11: How to Beat Popular TH11 Moat Base

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  1. Would you do a "how to beat a popular th10 base" video?

  2. PB i just learned whf is or was wizz honer face lol….

  3. New channel , awesome clan with great attacks ! Check us out ?

  4. wil it also work on Multi infernos?

  5. this is the exact reason i stopped playing this game. its too easy and there's no joy in war attacks anymore

  6. Nice attack! I love that it uses pink. So many 3 star war attacks use a lot of dark.

  7. Great video as always pal

  8. Hey PB, how well would a th10's level 2 or lower miners do against this base? would it still succeed on a consistent bases like th11 max miners+warden+stronger heroes+stronger troops in general?

    Or is the tactic only good for th11s stepping down to hit th10s?

  9. are there any good war clans that do arranged wars you can join as a th9 with 15/13 heroes? weight is 62

  10. I wanna see some th11 laloon attacks

  11. Subscribe to my channel guys please! I'm a new YouTuber :)

  12. nice video PB have a safe trip home

  13. What if there is a max golem in the cc and the infernos are set to multi?

  14. what happened to bible 3 star

  15. Nice job yesterday PB! Watched the entire tourney live and I must say they need someone like you to host a live event for CoC. Will you be attending Clash Con in LA? Keep up the great work!

  16. Base is called "Twin Towers" mainly for the two inferno towers side by side. I think Mega Empire was one of the first to use it.

  17. When Galadon said that this was an unusual base On the stream I was very confused

  18. Morning PB. Do you think all L3 miners can 3 star a max th11 ring base? Thx bro, great videos!

  19. Hey PB, would like to know your honest comments/opinions on YouTubers vs Reddit team FC Stream

  20. Last time I was this early there was only 2 genders

  21. What happened to the 3 star bible series?

  22. Hey ya'll I'm back to the states in 2 more days. I'm excited to up the quality back to normal for you again!

    All of these have been from my phone :D

  23. Hey Powerbang ;)

  24. Please make a th8 best farming strategy.

  25. Hey powerbang

  26. thanks for this PB. needed it