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3-Star Vault #6: How to Beat Popular TH9 Base

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  1. Can your clan teach me how to attack in town hall 8?

  2. Hey PB. Reach out to wiser on a collaboration recap vid on the whf and 2.0 war. FP community would love to see a GREAT WAR that wasn't planned. Both clans killed it and we want to hear from both yt reps. Thanks man!

  3. a lvl9 clan uses this crap base?! how are they level 9?!

  4. never seen or encountered this base before, but I just love this series cause it helps a lot for my clan and myself. Cheers Pb, thanks.

  5. can you do how to attack the common th 8 knot base

  6. what if they add more space to that inner compartment so DGB set could fit??

  7. Heyo anyone wanna join an active war clan join the Alpha Empire today!! #LVOOROQ9

  8. thx powerbang

  9. nice pb WE.. Want… More

  10. Join my clan lvl 7 – coc godz . Leader chief

  11. I scouted that base

  12. Is there any possibility to join your clan? I'm a th8.5 who 3stared against Max TH9's and 2stared against Mid TH10's (but that's an exception from the rule). Would love to learn from you guys.

  13. Saw this base a lot about six months ago, but not for a while. It's a three star every time. Great series, sir!

  14. 2 bases in my current war have this layout lol

  15. Surely they would at least email me back

  16. Great video as always, well done on the war with OH 2.0 can't wait for the recap

  17. Man it felt forever since you're last video 😉 Loved this one!

  18. Holy crap PB, this was such a crystal clear tutorial. And those little pictures of the troops and stuff, damn bro ur vid quality got like 100x more advanced in like a month haha I've been busy with school so I haven't been as active :/

  19. I love the 3 star vaults .. thanks they help ..

  20. I 3 starred this with goho.. haha

  21. Powerbang I filled in a form to join WHF Rising 2 weeks ago and haven't had a response…

  22. I used to use this. I got 3 starred like the second time I used it lmao

  23. I 2 starred 84% this base first hit using gowiwi lol

  24. been awhile for these vids… keep up the good work PB

  25. And now it's Friday again, chilling and watch pb's videos :)

  26. Use to have this base, there was a version when there was no air sweepers. Well, now I'm glad I switched a long time ago:)

  27. Whenever I see this base, I hear: Laloon me please !!

  28. who else ain't got school because of exams ?!

  29. great guys :)

  30. first

  31. first