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3-Star Vault #7: How to Beat Popular TH9 Base

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, will help my mini on this base

  2. Would you recommend a queen walk with max healers and a lvl 10 queen? Thanks! Love your vids!

  3. ur website sucks it says we will email u in 3 days and it's been 4 days

  4. I think it would make more sense to make these kind of bases with lower level heroes, because lets face it. Bashing a th9 with 30/30 heroes as well as bashing a non maxed base with 10/10 heroes. I think nearly any plan will work.
    Where I struggle is taking out the good max th9 bases with my 10/7 heroes as a new th9 when being mismatched.

  5. What if you don't have the Queen high level? You either run out of time if you try queen walk, or what if your queen is level 10?

  6. This the "dining at the Y base", ask your gf ;-)

  7. Bro attck strategy for th 6&7

  8. So PB i was wondering… did someone ever recognise you in a store/street or whatever? great vid :)


  10. AQ walk is about to get nerfed so this attack strategy won't work for long.

  11. If you have max heros you should be able to three star any base as it leaves room for errors. Wish you guys would use low hero attacks like 98% of the th9 players have in the real world.

  12. I just hit this base in war 🙂 check it out on my channel pb when you have the time, I did a queen walk too but from a slightly different angle

  13. 3 Star Vault?????

  14. a modified general lmao

  15. A general anti-3 base?lol

  16. is there any the 9 base which can take u to masters with only defense

  17. lol. XD why. Pb. that's my Base

  18. I've seen this base a lot too. I like the goho hit because I tend to goho/vaho/govaho. However lately when I see this base in war since lightening/eq made dragons viable again….a th8.5 with level 4 dragons that doesn't have a more traditional TH9 attack option yet can take it for us. Zap both the bottom air d twice, eq in between, royals in on exposed top right air d, dragon funnel on only remaining air def top left. poison in case enemy cc isn't a hound. Saves a Goho / vaho attacker's hit for a hard base.

  19. I don't think it's a forum base bcos it looks like its 007 dynasty design,but It is really popular and ive seen it many times in videos.Great video as always PB!

  20. Yeah! Another One! thx PB!

  21. Looks like i'm not using this base anymore

  22. hey PB. Thank you for the video! Just wondering why you don't use the drawing tool anymore, slightly easier to picturize the plan before you play the replay. This way, I'd imagine, is easier for you to prepare though so I'm not complaining too much. Thank you!

  23. :)

  24. gingerbread base

  25. More of these!!!!!!!!

  26. That's so awe

  27. Awesome content as always, PB. Looking forward for next 3 Star Bible episode!

  28. it's probably just called th9 anti 3 base

  29. 10th

  30. ???? or ?????