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3 Stars Base???, Journey to Max Town Hall 11 #14 – Clash of Clans

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  1. Your parents will be so proud of you since you are the most highest level player in Coc. #NO_OFFENCE

  2. Brandon, you should play Clash Royale btw awesome loot!

  3. brandon what you think about the new troop ?? what can it be ?

  4. Eventually, eventually, eventually. Why do you keep saying eventually?

  5. are you doing a show and tell or playing the game

  6. worst show

  7. today is my birthday if you could congn. that will mean a lot

  8. hello brandon am TH 9 Queen 30 King 24 (going to 25) walls 10 complete, I hope King 30 or go to th 10?

  9. #202V9GJJ i swear this clan is level 11 you can check and then reply and please Brandon you can also check and post this in you next video

  10. Hey Brandon what happened to Brandon2 account? Meow~

  11. Nice Brandon ?☕️❤️

  12. you don't have a life social

  13. CUNT

  14. nice

  15. Hey Brandon are u going to make videos of Clash Royale that is released on Global already.. Because it would be awesome

  16. This has gone so fast feels like last week when u had level one warden

  17. Brandon on Brandon 3 u should farm then offline on twitch because people say don't u do but it's your life bro and not ours

  18. What do you think is going to be the new troop?

  19. Brandon Will you be mine❤️?

  20. Great vid

  21. #meow pls Answer :)

  22. 3

  23. Looks Good Brandon u are the best youtuber for clash lov u :)