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  1. the best idea and am sure the majority agree is to copycat modding [instant troop making , cc , spells ] end of story

  2. Sounds like solid fair ideas

  3. id like to see them add a seperate tab for friendly challenges, the chat gets way too cluttered/ full with attacks. i feel having the friendly challenges in chat isn't the right place for it

  4. when you were talking about the defensive and offensive cc separate from each other, supercell should add it so that if you want war troops, you have a separate cc request for that, so no one takes your war troops overnight, and you wake up with 5 minutes left in the war with an empty cc

    or they could just add a mode where you can choose if you want your cc troops defending or not

  5. I still think you should able to save up to at least 10 bases at a time to balance out the wait time for attacking bases th9 and higher. This would give more variety to the bases by allowing from for 1-2 fun/troll bases to exist along side the best of our real farming/war bases.

  6. Hey Ash, Ive got a question regarding Clash Royale. I see the current top guy, Jokerjun, is using some kind of Hog Mortar deck. Do you know the philosophy behind this deck, and if it is effective? It seemed so strange, that I thought it was a troll deck. Maybe it is? I wasnt sure, thats why i wanted to ask. Thanks!

  7. or just dont make us spend gems at all just pay for the troop w/ your resources

  8. 30 gems for one golem? Thats a joke right… Have to cut a lot of trees for that. Helping youre clanmates with troops and spells should be a lot easier an cheaper in mu opinion. Thats what this game is about and a "donate now" feature is helpfull but not if you want us to pay real money….

  9. GREAT IDEAS!!Supercell must see this video….

  10. Just like the cc troops, they should let you cook up the army to without training time or cost, this way you can try varied strategies on a clan mates Base without having to wait an hour before another army is ready. This way there would be much more innovation since you can practice new strats way more often.

  11. I would like to be able to attack own base. Also I think that you should be able to attack one selected base of your clan mates without challenge request. Sometimes it's frustrating to ask clan mates all the time to send a challenge.

  12. Ash I have a problem why can't I drag my troops in barcs pls answer

  13. memorial day is on may 30th, not may 29

  14. they should add a feature in which it shows who is online,that way we know is mostly inactive to opt them ouy of war

  15. You should be able to request certain troops, stops people donating wrong

  16. Hey Ash,
    I've been following your videos for a while now and really enjoying them.. keep up the good work!!
    I agree with the changes you suggested and I would like to add something.

    I would like the 24hours cooldown for friendly challenge to be active ONLY when your clan is in prep day/battle day.. (that way when not at war we can perfect trap placements etc, and see if it works immediately and adapt.. and then rinse and repeat)

    however.. this causes the issue that clans could create an alternate clan where they hop to and then use friendly challenges unlimited to copy and crack the enemies base, which is why there is an additional tweak that needs to happen.

    I think this can be prevented in 2 ways..
    A: when someone joins a clan.. they cannot issue or attack in friendly challenges for 24hours.
    B: if you are participating in the war and leave the clan during prep/battle-day you can no longer attack in the war

    That way clans that are always at war have the 24hr cooldown so they can be sure that the opponent doesn't take advantage from the friendly challenges feature, and make sure they can't 'hop' to another clan to do so.
    and clans that war less, once or twice a week(like mine).. have the non-war time to practice attacks and perfect their bases (traps/hog pathing/defensive buildings etc.. )

  17. i would like to see a different chat for the friendly challenges because the current chat rn is just flooded with the results of the friendly challenge's

  18. I'm early, let me think of a joke…. idk

  19. great ideas ash! id also like to be able to make any army for a friendly battle without having to wait. try different strats on the same base. it is a free raid i dont see the issue. and it's torture moving one upgrading spring and have the base get a cooldown. has to be a better way

  20. agree


  22. Awesome!

  23. I agree with these changes Ash! Especially the Donate Now option. Ash what do you think of having a "Clan Bank" that's controlled by CO-Leaders and Leaders. It would allow the clan to give loot to clan mates, especially when ur in between maxing THs and elixir is stacking up before going TH9?

  24. Happy holidays

  25. my father passed in war :(

  26. First

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  28. hi ash