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3 WAYS TO LALOON @ Th9 [Advance Air Strategy] Clash Of Clans

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  1. Nice . Need more practice with laloon

  2. why are there 2 ash?

  3. can these attacks been done with lower teens heros?

  4. love these kind of videos! thanks ash :)

  5. Very impressive air attacks!

  6. SMH at people complaining about max heroes. All three replays were against fully max bases! If you have level 10 queen you should probably be attacking brand new TH9's, not max, and having no trouble at all with these strategies. If you rushed your defenses to max but still have baby heroes, you're probably weighing your clan down and should opt out of War until you get them to 15-20 at least. Why some people think they should be able to hit max defenses bases with terrible offense blows my mind. Attack what your offense can handle and these strategies work just fine.

  7. aboner vous a ma chaine YouTube et je m'abonea la votre

  8. Wow, those were really impressive attacks! I'll have to try them out! Thx for covering Ash!

  9. big good ash. i want do it but i fail in all time. why and you can join to the clan israel winsalot and learn me? please appect it. thanks you.

  10. I always mistake you with the other ash

  11. Why poisionspell on the Queen ?

  12. attacks like this only work for max hero. valks should so the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Love you this tactic is bea

  14. whats the difference between the first two?
    both of them have 1 Golem and 4 hounds

  15. Great video Ash.
    Btw I love the outro song

  16. Thanks for the video! I'm in dire need of an OP strategy….

  17. kk

  18. music intro ?

  19. Penta laloon, queenwalk laloon, zapquake laloon, double zapquake laloon, zapquake golaloon, golaloon, jump golaloon, eq golaloon(golaloons can be shattered or coldblooded), queen pop laloon. I like laloon.

  20. Yeah sure,it looks really easy when you have a lvl30 queen,but we don't….

  21. Govaho has crushed the creativity out at th9

  22. Great tips Ash! Thanks for the insight! Nice to meet you at Clashlive Btw. ?

  23. nice vid ash,can u make th10 farm and war base? thanks

  24. Post a video on laloon on th10 as th11

  25. Nice Ash!! You work really hard to cover all attacks and I really thank you for that

  26. weird posting hour

  27. thanx a ton dude……i jst unlcoked hounds & i wanted to try it…!!!!!

  28. Thanks Ash you helped me so much !!!

  29. good ways

  30. Thanks u r clash youtuber you should hv more subs

  31. What is that intro song!?

  32. ash why dont u do a give away. give ur subscribers sometin good

  33. Any 1 suggest the deck with princess i got it last night?

  34. Thanx ash ……struggling with th10atks …plz help me out how to deal with lvl3 infernoes all cases both single target or both multiple target ?

  35. do a base ash.. th8 war base i need them please :D

  36. ClashLive was sick! Heading to H2 now

  37. woooooow

  38. hi there

  39. will this strategy work with lvl 1 hounds????

  40. Nice video ash!

  41. Notification squad,YEAH

  42. ash can I join your clan

  43. 6th comment

  44. ash

  45. 2

  46. Well, Hello There…….