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+39 Beautiful Miner Attack by Vovasik (InTheDark) Whale Slaughter – Clash of Clans

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  1. ха, вовасик то русский, наш

  2. +Clash With Ed Hey Ed this may be a good idea or a bad idea but… You said in your last video that you want your fans to be involved more… Well why dont you set up an email and let us ( your fans ) send replays in of us attacking and then you give us advice about the attack and what could be improved! You may think this a stupid idea but i think its a great idea to get your fans involved… Guys like up this comment if you think its a good idea and id you think its good Ed could you possibly give my youtube channel a shoutout in your next video? Sorry if it sounds cheeky… But thanks for reading ;)

  3. Third!!!

  4. +39?that's hurt as f when you're at legend league :)

  5. Good video:)?