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4 Troops / Spells in DESPERATE Need of a BUFF! [QUICK TAKE]

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  1. witchk skeletons must trigger traps, but the life aura doesn't affect them becouse they're dead. Hope this make sense and sorry if my grammar is bad.

  2. Pls make one of these for clash royale great video!

  3. Larrys in general need a buff. It is obviously because Larry lost his jaw. I think it would be cool if you could switch Larry from ground to air just like you can do with the traps.

  4. the solution for the witch is giving them more hitpoints

  5. Exactly ash…..U r spot on….my clan doesnt allow gowipe or gowiwi too…..though i am a valk guy bt still pekkas shld b gvn sumthng…….

  6. Where is the loon or hound


  7. goblins should be buffed also

  8. same video for clash royale pls …

  9. The witch is absolutely useless as is. It either receives a buff or they might aswell get rid of it and refund me my money. Typical SC bait and switch bullshit.

  10. I agree with u

  11. Skelli spell should have or atleast have the option to have flying the skelli trap. Could be useful for lava hound ccs or used in areas with heavy ground defense/bomb spots. Dropped on exposed king etc. just to add to the idea of bowlers needing a bit of a nerf maybe they do 1/3 damage to walls in order to hang them up or do a reverse valk type of thing where they have heavy hp but low attack with the long range. Still useful but not spammy. If nothing else time could stop the 3 star if using mass bowlers.

  12. I'd actually love to see a drag buff, was one of my favorite troops up until th 8 and I just can't justify the 7m elixir it costs t get it to level 4 since it's just not useful enough

  13. the dragon once the most powerful unit that stroke the way up even Jorge yao used it today it has very low usage except in some crazy th9 or something like that it doesn't scroach buildings like what it should be and it sad too slow attack speed if I'm the developer I'll reduce his HP and increase his damage mostly through attack speed to make dragon more balanced not like a slow sniper that can just attack anything without air defense

  14. I totally agree about the witches and skellies tripping traps. That needs to come back. I dont use witches anymore at th9. The only point i see in using them is the cc lure application at th8. Like the hedgehog that got a haircut. Pointless

  15. plz back the witch and pekka need to swing faster to more useful

  16. ….but what about dragons??? They are so weak up in the high town halls that ash forgot to even mention them.

  17. Bring back the witcheq

  18. Your outro is always amazing!

  19. I am in a clan anisnil619 in that clan all of us use gowipe. We are all the 8+ and we win each and every war. All of our attacks are 3 stars. All u need to do is make sure that 1 pekka goes around the base. Put wizz behind the pekka, which will take out the defenses

  20. what about lightning spell??

  21. i agree

  22. You are completly right, dude. Correct analysis.

  23. barbarians!!!! need about 2x hp after level 5 to be viable in hier level bases

  24. Totally agree

  25. Although I use GoHo and GoLaLoon now, I miss GoWiPe. I guess it has been replaced with 30 valcrys / bowlers, but it takes MUCH more skill than those strategies!

  26. how about lightning? I haven't use one since early th8. that's more than a year ago

  27. Think pekka level 4 needs to be dropped to th9 and maybe just speed her up a little, crazy strong as she is, just too slow for most strategies with the time limit.

    If witches skeletons can trigger traps again, would we expect the same with skeleton spell?? Would this just not mean people dropping skeleton spells where double GB's could be and then hogging a base, certainly at th9 and below without infernos at least

    Whatever they do, will change the meta of the game and there will be a new single method that is very very overused at a certain level. TH9 still seems to be the most balanced/varied level despite all the changes SC keep adding


  29. I think inferno towers need a slight nerf. They should drastically reduce healing from spells and healers, but not completely negate it.

  30. The only troop need buff is the hog

  31. I think the grand warden should be given in th10 … & we can max it in th 11

  32. You forgot the goblin

  33. I use peekas and do great

  34. we totally agree with you ash ..thanks for the video

  35. It's rare, but I do some people in my clans having success with govape at th8 and th9.

  36. Every op war attack is a high dark elixer cost army. wish there was a strong elixer troop to use in war so u could save ur dark elixer up

  37. lol the skeleton spell is so bad that I forgot about it…

  38. pekka is the most expensive elixer troop. but just dies way to fast at th10 I tend to take extra wizards then a pekka

  39. lmaooo you got me with the bowler ?

  40. Funny video ash 🙂 great job. Totally agree. I also think we need to see a buff in the goblin. Or possibly the minion. Does anyone else agree??

  41. Hi Ash, I had a question about the skeletons. You mentioned maybe having them be able to trip traps again. Would this be considered a buff for witches and the skeleton spell? I imagine the skeleton spell would then be used to trigger big bombs and such. Is this a good or bad idea? I was thinking it may make th9 attacks too strong but could be useful in th10 or 11 attacks. Any thoughts?

  42. Nerf the grand warden

  43. pekka?

  44. #MakeWitchGreatAgain

  45. And before the March 16 update (witch nerf) a 7 golem attack with 3/4 jumps was very much a viable strat if you were a th10 against a th9.