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5 Best Alternatives to Clash of Clans 2016!

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  1. Nice list, dominations is also a decent one, it's coc meet age of empire, keep up the good work!


  3. Nice rewiew! Thanks!
    Please review the new game 2016 "Catch Banana"


  4. Anyone who plays monster legends??

  5. Nice video. Clash of lords 2 is the best strategy game!!:D and castle clash is also good!!:D

  6. Also i think you should upload more often, 1 video a week its not enough for over 15k subscribers! lol keep it up.

  7. Damn that intro was too good, the list was great! I personally play boom beach and its amazing wayyy better then clash in my opinion.

  8. You know you're doing something right when the intro hyped me up… And I was drinking water. Nice work

  9. Star wars commander- you just can't upgrade the walls entirely you have to do each one by one but for the graphics it's the best out there
    But there are much more like age of cavemen, Titan empires, and samurai siege is something which actually gave every game like COC a heart attack. And for graphics even total conquest was also good, I just feel this is just a common list and there are a bunch of it which are left out, none the less I requested for it and it's here I appreciate that, but there are much more better ones I feel. Thank you very much

  10. cool!

  11. plunder pirates

  12. really enjoy watching these.keep it up.

  13. since clash is dying for the shitty update we had last month, this video is great thanks for uploading trying all of em ???

  14. nice 1?


  16. do a top Ten on rpg offline

  17. rpg offline 2016

  18. cool man