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5 New Features! : Clash Of Clans Update 2016! New Levels To Troops + Buff!

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  1. anybody else notice the bombs during the goblin attack? looks cool.

  2. Im shtting my pantsss yay thanks tony u rick

  3. hi

  4. d faq is that poison spell??? Is that another clue that we must use lightning spell again? and use it again and again for cc troops until our elixir is down and we need to buy gems for elixir?

  5. When is it coming out please tell me

  6. thanks Tony for giving us all a heads up

  7. WHERE IS THE SAVE ARMY BUTTON!!Then i will be happy

  8. Its my bday today!!!Can you reply to my comment or can I any of your clans for my Birth Day?

  9. Anyone else noticed the different appereance of the airdefenses?

  10. I already use Valks, hope this helps me win some bases.

  11. Tank god they added the poison future

  12. copied from chief pat video right ?? copy cat

  13. I want the update already

  14. Tony you sound so hyped!

  15. That poision shit is stupid tbh what was the point of bringing it into the game then completely fuck it over

  16. the new air defence looks crap

  17. hey general Tony how many acc U have??

  18. Holy Shit, am I just stupid or is that new bomb explosion animation?!

  19. Wow man this is freekin sick!!!! I'm so glad they did something to the valkyrie

  20. and I think in next update barbarians r gonna have pink trousers

  21. Definitely not playing clash anymore

  22. yà!! haha

  23. I use 12 valks

  24. I'm just curious how u got the update so fast when will it release in America

  25. I'm just curious how u got the update so fast when will it release in America

  26. 3:08 pause, bottom left, is that a reskin of a dark barracks, or is it new troops hyep!

  27. one bad bitch??

  28. Footage Courtesy of Chief Pat

  29. + Grenal tony can i join

  30. Did anyone see the bomb animation,air defense and dark barrack??

  31. I hate the ads :(

  32. What are those air defenses ? Wut? 

  33. Did anyone else notice those Air D designs at 1:04 ?

  34. I'm so hyped for this update, like if you agree.

  35. wtf!! did anyone see the air defenses in the valk sneak peek?

  36. Its OP

  37. New levels looks awsome. Waiting in tense for new update

  38. GoVaLlo Back?

  39. hi guys. plz sub to my channel im trying really hard! plz suport me!
    btw nice vid


  41. I just got the lvl 5 hogs, wtf