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  1. I haven't seen ur vids in a while, sorry

  2. But the worst thing by far is, that ION still doesn't use google chrome ???

  3. Sub to my channel and i will sub u back ✌☺

  4. here's my idea about x mod. supercell created it, then people use it they now have a reson to ban them and they do. Then the player get a new device, create a new account and pay for gems to get to the top again therefor getting supercell more downloads and money!

  5. 5 TIMES I Hated SUPERCELL!!!

  6. I don't feel like barch is dead, i still 2 star with it, and loot etc

  7. Your voice puts me to sleep…. Bahahaha

  8. Yea a good chunck of coc is from younger players, Like me im 13 in Titans 1 and couldn't go

  9. I found it funny when they added town hall 11 that it looked like a fruit cake with frosting on top of it and it still does.

  10. I mean copyright claims are useless

  11. Why is supercell do copyright

  12. I did not get taken down at all lol

  13. Since it took almost 5 yrs for TH 11 to come out maybe 2021

  14. I THINK That Town Hall 12 Will Be Release In About 5 Years.

  15. You have the best videos ever

  16. You are the best

  17. roast!!!!

  18. Clash with Cam has been here since the beginning of clans of clans videos.

  19. Clash got boring when royale came

  20. Clash with cam has been here forever

  21. You my friend, are retarded.

  22. I'm 12 at the moment, I have 2 accounts, haven't gemmmed, and I'm farming in masters right now. I'm also in a clan with other th8-10 12 year olds