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5 Updates That NEED TO HAPPEN In Clash of Clans

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  1. They should add a friends list, so you can remember a player you met in global.

  2. especially the clan war competition

  3. I totally agree. I'd be extremely interested in it and I have noticed that of late I've been having a hard time bringing myself on. I do wars like every day with my clan Silent Soldiers, but of late… I've been having a hard time bringing myself to do it because it's starting to get boring in a way. I still hop on so I can do the attacks and donate, because I honestly love donating, but honestly my interest was lost when even off war my clan stopped asking for specific troops and asked for the leader's troops instead. If this update came. I may not be so bored of playing anymore and possibly get my spirits back up on playing.

  4. They need to lower the expense of walls!

  5. lol flying dildo

  6. yeah they should do clan wars!

  7. Check ur self go on ur profile u have player tag already

  8. I wanna have a flying goblin

  9. They should add a different color in the revenge button for when the base is free to attack. I find myself spamming my defense logs trying to revenge someone just so it can say they have a shield or they are online.

  10. i think u should be able to reset stats but not the trophies when u complete them all

  11. I think they supposed to add whether you can upgrade your builder so its can be 2x faster or more

  12. ok there can only be one goblin tho. So we cant have a second goblin that flys. So no it wouldnt be great.

  13. Guys I think i know how to know your bases weakness, well, think about it, if you attack your own base what would be the weakness? There u go.. Invincible Base!

  14. troops alive after an attack should go back to camp

  15. sometimes your name sounds like xboogerman

  16. Being able to donate loot

  17. thats very true its so hard to find players because they give you there clan name and there
    are 10000000000000000000000 optoins

  18. I think the reason they won't make daily challenges/quests are because it may lower the grossing of COC

  19. Isn't there a player tag below your name on your profile page?

  20. You say call of doody haaahaaaahaaaa gayyyyyy