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50 x ANTI 2/3 STAR TH10 War Bases For Your Clan Wars!! | Clash of Clans

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  1. and the th9 base you gave were 3stared by valks

  2. Wicked please make for th11

  3. Because you know I'm all about that base
    'Bout that base, with Wicked no trouble

  4. Do th9s bud. ???

  5. 50 x TH8 War Bases Can Be Found here:
    50 x TH9 War Bases Can Be Found here:

  6. can you make a video showing how to use freeze spell in th9? and also, why is the pekka not being used in any of the army compositions?

  7. Th8 bases please

  8. can u make another one for th9 plz

  9. can you do the same for th 9 and th 8.5 please thanks

  10. 3,18 and 20 are the best!

  11. All bases can be 3 starred somehow and it is always good to make your base. This video is for people that aren't feeling creative at the time, but feel free to change the traps and inferno modes to what you think is best. Thanks guys for requesting this video sorry it took a while .

  12. first like