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50 X ANTI-3 STAR TH9 War Bases For Your Clan Wars!! | Clash of Clans

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  1. number 14 and 32 are the strongest

  2. Layout #2 was missing the X-Bows. Did you notice that Wicked?

  3. Sent a clan message to my clan telling them to come check this vid out and when you make the th8 one

  4. layout #25 is mine and the speedbuild is on my channel come check it out ;)

  5. Please send me your TH8 and TH10 anti 3 star base layouts you would like to be featured in those episodes to Thanks guys!

  6. nice I got a th8 mini would be good for him??

  7. please th10 . thanks

  8. nice video wicked. will help my clan a hell lot.

  9. WHATS UP bro how have u been?

  10. Haha holy moly I didn't expect my base to be here. Thanks Wicked! :D

  11. #31

  12. 2 = terrible, 3= weak vs hogs, 5 = weak because of the air def being too close, 8= missing the traps?, 11= weak vs air (easy from the top), 13 = weak vs air (3 air def on top), 25 = weak because of the air def grouped up, 38 = very weak (x-bows close to the edge), 44 = weak because of the air def being too close, 47 = very weak (all air def are on the top part of the base),

  13. fuk u wicked, I asked u for a favor but no reply…thanks a lot pussy

  14. Thanks for the videos

  15. Gotta update with the new meta too many AQ standing on top of 1/2 AD or 1/2 giant bombs.

  16. noice m8?

  17. Thanks!

  18. 14 speed build thx

  19. nice man thanks a lot more base design

  20. The last one is a good one…Tesla farm FTW right…?

  21. nice video

  22. Please like this comment if you want 50x TH8 Anti-3 Star Bases.