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51+ War Win Streak + PERFECT WAR | Best TH9 3 Star Attack Strategy Recap | Clash of Clans

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  1. owsam streak br0…

  2. Do you consider Kaylee an engineer? I'm not surprised they have so many wins.

  3. Haha, I love that scene! The guy in the car is Jim Gaffigan, a hilarious comedian!

  4. this

  5. Can you provide some 3 star strategies for beginner th9. #wickedarmy

  6. WICKED BRO I have requested to join in ur clan but someone rejected me . plz invite me plzzzzz I want to talk to u for some time plz .

  7. Wicked I got kicked a long time ago how can I join back?

  8. can iam join your clan again my id is andy tama ..iam town hall 9

  9. #ForgotTheHashtagButEveryoneIsPuttingWickedArmySoHashtagWickedArmy 🙂 Oh, Also…. #BrysonIsJediMaster Oh hang on…#BrysonThereIsNoSpoon :)

  10. Bryson uses some Crap id be like man what are u doin lol,,then I'd put my foot in my ? lol

  11. Check this clan this clan wins 300,lost 16,draw 6 out of 322 war.Clan name BD UNBEATABLES,Clan tag is #8QR0GUJJ

  12. #wickedarmy

  13. Shout out to the clan!!

  14. #wickedarmy,,,id say Bryson is a dang good attacker,,

  15. #wickedarmy

  16. I tried to join but I got rejected

  17. more bryson attacks please!

  18. #wickedarmt

  19. #wickedarmy

  20. #Wickedarmy

  21. #wickedarmy

  22. Amazing bro ??

  23. Would I be able to join with 23 queen, 22 king town hall 9? I used to be an excellent 3 star player but I haven't played in a while, usually on clash royale now

  24. wooooo it's up

  25. Nice job

  26. Congrats guys, also first!

  27. Biggest War Win Streak in your clan?