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6 NEW LEVELS [FIRST LOOK] Clash Of Clans Update : Sneak Peek 1

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  1. no fix for engineered bases???

  2. CoC Why you no buff witches???

  3. Was the Amount of gold in the storages a Co – incidence??

  4. "No Penalty on Dipping". What is Dipping???

  5. experience level 62??

  6. Bowlers lost 20hp. Doesn't seem necessary to me. I think they should cut that nerf out until they see how extra xbow lv works.

  7. ash what's in side of the shop ?

  8. 25 more walls and lvl 5 baby drags yessss!!!!!!! I'm hype just hearing it

  9. Update hype!

  10. lol i was about to say that

  11. Goddamnit took me so hard to get money for all these defences being a th9 a week ago… now they decreased the cost….. Damn my life.

  12. xbows lvl5 gonna rape queen walk…don't see how this gonna stop the spam attacks…

  13. Make only other baby d's remove the Rage effect not all air troops

  14. lol Beaker strikes me as a dumbass sometimes, but gotta love him.


  16. awesome, hope these defense buffs stop this fkn spam….hope for +30sec attack time back…makes attacks way more strategic

  17. so disappointed

  18. Level 6 wizards for th9 let's fucking go it was so necessary

  19. 1 new thing in the shop?

  20. the best update ever after clan wars now it's gonna help me cos i m a th9 80% max now I can get nice wiz's and archer tower upgrade

  21. no penalty for dipping…….what does it mean?

  22. How come you are level 62 with a very good th11? :O

  23. Are the new 25 walls only for th11?