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6-STAR WAR?!?! | Clash Of Clans | LIVE War Attacks!!

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  1. i think i am biggest fan of sniffy i was looking his first video.when he uploads i see the frist

  2. Smiffy please reply

  3. itro song???

  4. Easy air attack on number 2, a golem, heroes and bowlers (in the cc) to get three air defenses at the bottom, then lava hounds and balloons from the top, x-bows are set to ground to make it even easier

  5. Me

  6. Ive benn a subscriber of yours since 1k

  7. I bet you can't open this

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  8. nice but the second attack the way deployed your hogs was wrong

  9. Hey Smiffy, what army composition would you use if you are farming for DE? I have every thing maxed at TH 9 except heroes and walls.

  10. smiffyyy

  11. Me

  12. Awesome attacks in war dude! Im actually in my first war as a th9 haha. Keep up the good work bro!

  13. Been in the here since 2000. Subs

  14. Good attak in war matie

  15. Smiffy could I join ur clan I'm at 3500 trying to push I'm jakerules on coc plzz

  16. u should do shout outs;)

  17. smiffy why are u always have so loot:)

  18. Smiffy plz plz i beg u bro do more videos like that plzzzzzz i love them❤️️❤️️❤️️

  19. Thank you for uploading ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. great vids please respond

  21. Plz do more live war attacks!!

  22. Me??

  23. dang smiffy wtf remember me bro when you had 3k subs now 6 good job bro

  24. hey

  25. like rhia commwnt if u lobe smiffy

  26. can u guys check out my channel just started

  27. me

  28. Hey smiff;)

  29. Ehhhh 6.1k

  30. do you even read comments

  31. as usual awesome did i do the hardest like ever??

  32. nice vid man what is ur other clan called to get promoted to the good 1???

  33. can u give some review to my channel plz if possible

  34. smiffy smiffy