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  1. Yo come back to Ion Gold! My wallbreakers were OP!!! -SpicySauce

  2. Ion I have 2 th11 one is maxed def with lvl 9-11 walls and a completely maxed with everything maxed if you want to buy one please contact me at elian1220 you can use one for videos

  3. I'm th11 max and have a better maxed so I'm that 1% that can back it up

  4. I've seen someone say Free co 69 times lol

  5. Omg the last one was so me I never figured it out til I was almost max th7 SUP ERC ELL

  6. I thought its said supercrell not supercell

  7. When someone want to join a clan say FREE LEADER

  8. lol ion did the supercell thing to at first mad me laugh really hard lol

  9. Keep replaying 4:49 over and over with your eyes close. Way to orgasm on video, Ion.

  10. I once said on global how you get trophies. But seriously i am th6 now and i started the game SEPTEMBER 2015 so i was quite a noob, and i think i still am

  11. My rushed th8 cousin still says all those things lol

  12. That Pekka/CoLeader req one i have experienced and i told my clan instantly to kick them… they got kicked lolololol

  13. I'm still alive :D

  14. 76th comment

  15. #ClashOfBoners

  16. dat last one is so true

  17. when I first play I though it said sup der dale WHO TF IS HE ?

  18. 5:33 there are 69 thing in chat he didnt read

  19. 100th View :)

  20. This guy asked me how to get a colour next to his name :/


  22. 69th comment

  23. 69th comment

  24. It's easy to be early to ions vids

  25. OMG IK the I have a better account it's so annoying?