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  1. Yo I can hook you up with a private VNP

  2. change to ps3

  3. me to

  4. u threw the ps4 not Xbox

  5. So if you live in Montréal, you speak french right ?

  6. Replays should just get a rgh

  7. He sounds like nogla

  8. This is why I have WiiU

  9. just get a jtag or rgh so if you get console banned you can just buy a new kv for like $5 instead of a new 360

  10. Replays name is frank???

  11. And the person in the call apparently "Microsoft" is his bro or that guy that was there I. Day one and stuff

  12. It's set up because he is wearing the same clothes from day one till 7

  13. Come to ps3

  14. All I am going to say try out the PS3

  15. keep doing out of the map and mod lobbies lol so you can get banned more

  16. I want to see the rapping video :3

  17. Bler* your name in vids

  18. in 7 days u both have the same clothes hahahh jk

  19. replays isn't even bad at acting

  20. Come to PS3 please replayys

  21. Hey replays are you going to do a fan meeting in montreal?

  22. get and rgh

  23. I feel bad

  24. go ps3

  25. Buy a Fucking PS3