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9 BEST Things That Could Happen To You In Clash of Clans

  1. my biggest lott raid is:1,000,031 of each and 5 k dark elixer

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  3. 11,000,00

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  6. 7 thousand gold and elixir
    3thousand dark elixir

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  8. My biggest loot was 900k gold and elixir and 5k dark elixor

  9. I

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  13. Ones i got 700k in both

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  15. 1.4 million of eachπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  17. 305 243

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  20. 700k gold 800k elixir 5k dark

  21. My special thing was when I was upgrading my gold and elixir storages and my elixir was 4 hours away from lvl 9 and it only cost me 4gems to complete it.

  22. 7 12000 elixir

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  24. i raided 60M gold 58M elixir and 350K dex yesterday πŸ˜€

  25. I was saving my dark elixir and got on and someone was attacking me. He got an 80% 1 star but only took 25 of my 600 available dark elixir

  26. 600K of each and I AM TH 6

  27. Mine was practically 1 million of each and I think 6 k dark elixir.

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  29. 2 000,000

  30. The air swepper just turned

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  32. My biggest loot raid is 1 million each

  33. I have got 800K loot so good it was a dead so happy

  34. i am in town hall 7 my largest loot raid 931 dark elixir and 1 million gold and elixir

  35. Give me name in coc is dianna…I'm th8 master league..

  36. Biggest loot raid is 1mil gold 1mil elixir and 10k dark elixir