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90 VALKS IN! – Clash of Clans – Finally Unlocking Maxed Valkyries!

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  1. dude, use your GW ability earlier! save so many valks´╗┐

  2. help me get to 600 subs!!´╗┐


  4. CQOTD: Would you like If they added Clash of Clans TV (Like TV ROYALE) were you can spectate the top wars?´╗┐

  5. Try a new strategy with valks´╗┐

  6. use one more golem as tank´╗┐

  7. CQOTD: what do you think After new update witches are meaningless ?´╗┐

  8. You suck with them because they usually do well with Rage spells´╗┐

  9. Use grand warden ability early to keep the alive´╗┐

  10. use heal instead of rage´╗┐

  11. use fucking heal spells!!!!! u don't need rage, did u see the valks do damage?´╗┐

  12. Don't use the rage dude´╗┐

  13. 19valks. 1 golem, 13 wiz, 3wb …. 2rage, 2freeze, 3eq… In ur cc golem , wiz, arch eq spell.

    Clan: P.O.W #P9RVPJ2L
    BIGRyAT gamer tag´╗┐

  14. Valks+heal work better. But one rage also helps´╗┐

  15. CQOTD: If you could add one troop or spell from clash royale to clash of clans or vice versa, what would it be?´╗┐

  16. CQOTD: What would your channel be like if clash royale had come out before clash of clans?´╗┐

  17. Use your wardens ability earlier! Currently you're waiting too long and all your valks die´╗┐

  18. GJ´╗┐

  19. There is no rewind in CR and I see both of your profile's in CR and wanted to join Daddy'sDarlings´╗┐

  20. CQOTD: Why haven't you upgraded your goblins?´╗┐

  21. you are noob pls quit´╗┐

  22. do more trolling random clans!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  23. cash for app does not work in Britain and you can't get free gems it's only gift cards´╗┐

  24. CQOTD: What are you doing for 1million subscribers besides telling us what HWD stands for?´╗┐

  25. Random cock in the face lol´╗┐

  26. CQOTD:Why are you not in daddys darlings in clash royale?´╗┐

  27. White your so close to 1mil congrats´╗┐

  28. CQOTD:y don't u have ur friends in ur videos that much´╗┐

  29. CQOTD. What troop do you think super cell is adding next´╗┐

  30. DUDE
    Valks destroy walls in 2 seconds, get those damn EQs out of here and take something to heal those bad girls. Due to their HP reduction, you REALLY dont want them to get blown up by giant bombs.´╗┐

  31. why you want 69% every time?´╗┐

  32. MYSTLC7, your channel is awesome and it has great content, but you swear to much, so I am disliking, and not subscribing.´╗┐

  33. 1 heal spell and 1 rage spell´╗┐

  34. you need to use the heal spell´╗┐

  35. hey pls tell your name of your clash royale clan´╗┐

  36. It's pronounced Tibidoh you fuck.´╗┐

  37. Drop ur heros after the golem then drop ur valks in the back´╗┐

  38. CQOTD: Have you ever met any of your clan mates in Clash of clans or Clash royale in real life?´╗┐

  39. You should have use grand warden enternal tome as quickyly as possible to cover the valkrie´╗┐

  40. I've come back to this channel from ages ago and WOW! You've gained so many subs since then! Luckily I can sub now bc I actually have a YouTube account now :)´╗┐

  41. CQOTD:wite I've seen pat,Nick and molt collab why don't you collab with them for like the million suscriber special´╗┐


  43. u need jump spells not quakes´╗┐

  44. CQOTD:Do you like Clash of clans or Clash royale´╗┐

  45. Mysticl you must use your warden hability in th├ę begining its why valks died quick´╗┐

  46. CQOTD: Do You Think You Will Ever Try To Get To Top Of The World Leaderboard On Clash Again?????´╗┐

  47. Boyyyy most to 1 million!´╗┐

  48. CQOTD: if supercell said you could only own 1 supercell game which one would you have´╗┐