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99 to 100 | The Art of Cleanup #5 | Clash of Clans

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  1. matty, since you were raging your queen anyway, the double poison was a COMPLETE waste. should have dropped the poison and brought a haste. that way, you could've placed a haste where you dropped the third rsge, and had the 3rd rage for the ore with the teslas and inferno. also, definitely should have brought 2 hounds and 6 more loons… depending on air bombs placement, you might even have got away with 1 lvl 3 hound

  2. Spencer 23 intro

  3. Collab with powerbang and jake from onehive plz

  4. why not lure the cc at the beggining and just double poison the cc, drags die from double poison?

  5. 99 likes 0 dislikes you have an amazing fan base Matty!

  6. I really like this series! Great video man!

  7. I just don't understand the hot chick in spandex on the cover page…

  8. Nice attack??

  9. How often do you 3 star? Like 8 outta 10 times?

  10. Nice tips Matty ! Keep up with the good work!?

  11. Nice vid Matty. I turned my clan on to your govaho strategy and we've been killing it. Thanks for the content

  12. Hi

  13. 1st