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A Deep Look into Queen Walk [A Response to Clash Team]

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  1. Just bring an extra healer!! Are they f'in kidding me. Because using up 14 more troop space for a war attack is a genius idea. This is literally killing clan wars!! Have they considered a large population of people playing this game would not be considering "skilled" players. Back to mass valks it is. Thank you $C.

  2. I agree with you Ash. Honestly if the healers can set off seeking air mines then its better they also make minions set it off as well to truly "balance" the game.

  3. ASH top job my friend really good vid one of best ive seen great info and research I just wish SC had the same dedication.

  4. Healers trigger traps after the first minute. Nerfs bowlers, doesn't affect queenwalks much.

  5. Totally disagree with your analysis. First you wrongly assume healers are not OP simply by going through the updates. Once healers no longer sprang air traps they became OP. It might have taken awhile for the community to absorb the way to use them especially with several new troop types coming on line as well. But more damning is to just take a look at your def list. How many attacks did NOT include AQ walk or healer bowlers. IDK about yours but my def list is 90% some combination of AQ healers bowlers and most of my clan is the same way. The ground def buffs have been made to combat mass troop span and the general imbalance between air versus ground attacks in the current meta. These effects were NOT solely aimed at AQ walk nor do they have that significant of an effect compared to ground troop spam. And the change back is easily countered by leading with or well placed loons or minions to trip the traps first. Is this such a bad thing requiring a little more strategy and tactics for pulling off AQ walk or healer bowlers? This is waaay less than the outright nerf to witches which caused them to become extinct in the game. AQ walk will be fine

  6. I have to say I like the "queen walk" nerf, not because they were op but it will affect other troops as well, entering your base deep and getting healed endlessly while taking you base appart step by step without real danger. with Bowlers 3, Giants lvl 8, and Miners 4, there were introduced a lot of tanky troops one could get as clancastle troops, these higherlevel units with lvl 4 healers which you can obtain early in the game, made it really hard to defend a th9 or below, even against weak opponents, the nerf will not make these queen walks totaly useless but it will surely decrease the amount of units getting healed till the end of an attack and will probaply force the queen to use her cloak earlier in a raid and also effect attack strategies in total but we have to watch and check out if the canon buffs in combination with the healer nerf, were be maybe a little too much

  7. Anyone got the new nerf gun?

  8. Awesome video. Most helpful and level headed clash youtuber there is. Keep it up bud.

  9. It took me about 10 times of refreshing the video but I got there in the end. I do remember the AI of the healers being changed to remain on their target but I can't remember when it was, certainly a while ago, and I guess after the air mine original change. Very well put together video I enjoy current game events too and always enjoy listening to your views because of your rationale. I definitely feel the frustration of the community. I know supercell with have massive amount of statistics on all of this so I'm sure they would be making the changes in the best interest of the game. I guess it's just though to know how base designs will adapt as well, something that will have zero statistics. I know it's primarily healers on the mass attacks they are trying to nerf here, but perhaps sharing some data on changes that were tested and did not have the desired effect would be helpful for the community. Keep up the good work buddy.

  10. clash is dying…havent played since jake and matty quit now this nonsensense update….they will focus back when their income drops and dry up the well

  11. sorry ash, but i respectfully disagree with you, you're freaking out too much based of stats…honestly it's not that much of a change. You can easily scout the queen walk area for traps with 1 or 2 balloons, or 1 extra healer. The only thing I see as a nerf is cannon damage.

  12. Why are you only talking about queen walks they might add more to the canons for bowlers.

  13. I've been working on my mass bowler attack since the update. I've traded out 5 bowlers for 3 baby drags, and so far they've been soaking up alot of the damage caused by air mines. it still needs more practice but the results are looking promising

  14. As always great thorough video. Excellent job deep diving into past healer buff/nerfs, specifically when utilized in support of a AQ walk/charge.
    BLUF- since the update where the healer did not trigger air traps (a point in the game when Supercell even admits that healers were ineffective and too high a risk to use in game play) there has been several updates both directly and indirectly nerfing AQ walks, now once again healers will trigger air traps but all those direct and indirect nerfs still wouldn't the use of healers be even worse and more risky then they were back prior to their original buff?
    I understand defenses are going to continue to be upgraded as the game matures, but shouldn't some of the direct healer nerfs also be reversed as well? Namely the ability to heal a hero at 100% effect and to also stack multiple healers without loosing any % of their healing effect.

  15. It is ironic that as you read the part that says they "made the healer better at sticking to the troops that need her" while the group of healers in the attack playing are stuck on golems while the other troops die off. 11:34

  16. I love SC and knew they would come to their senses and nerf the healer queen combo cheat. BTW they only wrote that it took skill to keep the YT cheater community happy. I've said the SQ was a exploit all along and I'm glad SC feels the same way.


  18. they could have done something else to reduce the spawn attacks using bowlers. this is the easy way out to do it and it affects th9 that use queen walks to farm.

  19. Hey Ash, gr8 fan bro. Let me just cut to the point.I as a maxed out th9 player am really saddened by this update.(mainly healer nerf;yea it's a nerf basically).Clash isn't a fun game besides wars.You prove your strength in wars only(for most of us that do not chase down the trophies) we compete,learn new strategies,tricks and adapt as we move up in town hall level.There is no point in game where we actually want to derive a strategy for farming( It does need a strategy, but unlike wars the aim is different I.e. resources, so doesn't need that much concern).And now in th9, I have finally mastered QW( nah, my queen still dies on occassions), But now the fact Healers can be targeted by air traps is going to make it worse.Coz believe me in 1800-2400 trophy range and many be a little more above, no one uses air army comp to farm(due to low profit or say no profit).so those black mines could now turn evil and 4 mines can and will target healers.One shot kill for a 14 space troop that does no good other than keeping your queen alive.Supercell should have at least reduced the healer space to 10 spaces so people could actually take 2 xtra healers for this nerf (and may be increase their heal power by 10) OR they could develop an algorithm to make sure that air seeking mines are not triggered by healers( I mean black ones). They could still keep red air bombs to do splash damage to all those in range healers( so cmon ,targeting healers was supposed to hinder bowler/miner walk,not Queen walk).
    Basically the problem was at th11/10 level and somehow th9 is getting punished with these temporary settlements to fix these issues at higher townhalls.Basically HGHB was an innovative strategy, which would have never surfaced without bowlers, then came HPHB and as soon as people started to get along with it, bam goes your healer.I mean cannon,wiz ,xbow and many defenses got buff during recent updates but the core troops of th9 had none(except for valky) even witches were nerfed.Isn't is hypocritical of SC ,when they want people to innovate but their own balancing act aim at balancing highest of the town hall, disbalances lower townhalls, an impact which forces you to consider upgrading th.look at the facts here, there is a huge difference now created by the troop upgrades at th10 as well as 20 xtra space benefit.While th9 ,similar to your research on healers has basically got more nerfs(when it comes to variety of attacks) in recent 1 yr.Exception being the bowlers strategies for th9,which developed. but basically Th9 is highly reliable on Healers for various successful strategies and now that too is being taken away.even cannons got a buff today to encounter bowler walk in th9, but most of us do not have privilege of obtaining bowlers in cc,moreover the new transitioning player which looked forward to learn QW will now be forced on to stick basic strats.And man cmon could you pass my genuine message to SC,if they want me to plan for every farm raid that I do, then they should be clear about it.Coz I am done with adapting.You are slowig killing the urge to compete( that comes from within the player itself, to be the best) if you force that on us, it wouldn't be challenging anymore.So let us farm,else noone is gonna try to learn to be best in wars.(everyone will just b busy building townhall to reach the end and then quit).

  20. u have my support ash, not that that matters much but I really enjoy you're content bud…?

  21. Also like how the rage spell has never been touched since the beginning of the game… has an impact on Queen walks as well

  22. Great to see another CoC video pal! I'm loving being back doing CoC aswell! I've missed doing them!

  23. Ash, thanks for the thorough and insightful video. Absolutely tremendous job! I love your passion for the game. I also am greatly disappointed by the healer nerf. It's getting harder to tolerate having to learn new attack strategies everyone they drop an update and nerf a combo that with which you are just starting to have success. Back to the drawing board! Guess I should start looking into air attacks . . . .

  24. U have never dictated ever

  25. The healer nerf will make wars fun now

  26. Maybe a healer nerf that would sorta nerf mass attacks but not the queen walk is not trigger traps, but make it so the healer has a troop space cap (can only heal 20-25 troop space in one splash). I know it sounds dumb, but I feel like it would be a better answer to one exploit of the healer while not completely ruining its #1 quality. That all being said, I don't think this update has ruined queen walks thankfully (may just be my trap placement) because someone put a pretty big dent in my base, this morning after the update, with the queen walk alone. I don't use the queen walk though so I'm not as disheartened by this update as a lot of other players are.

  27. Hey Ash, disclaimer; still love your channel even though I completely disagree with your ideology on this topic. Despite the fact that there have been numerous indirect nerfs to Aq-walks, ultimately it's still the most used strategy in the game amongst veteran attackers across all Th levels (except for maybe the recent HGHB epidemic @ Th9 and mass bowlers & minors @ th10 & 11). The reason it's still so widely used is because despite all the nerfs, it remains incredibly powerful. A skilled attacker can incorporate Aq-walk in any attack successfully to take out a given portion of a bases, and in many cases (especially @ th9) to even help with clean up. Having said that there are other balance issues @ th10 & 11 that need to be addressed, mainly offensive buffs that don't involve spam/mass attacks, so I can understand why people are upset with an offensive nerf to Aq-walk at those levels. However once those issues are addressed, just like @ th9, Aq-walk will always be a win-win situation if done correctly, and there is little the defender will be able to do to stop it. Therefore, this balance update is warranted to attempt to directly foil Aq-walks, not to mention max attacks like HGHB etc. I am not normally a supporter of SC's balance updates, so I find it odd to be on this side of the argument, but I gonna give it to SC on this one. This healer nerf is a well thought out one not only because of the points I previously mentioned, but also because it has clear drawbacks for the defender if all dark air mines are placed outside the base in an anti-Aq-walk attemp. As always keep up the great work Ash ?

  28. Now i wanted to address the mass attack strategy issue. I want to start of by saying SUPERCELL honestly SUPERSUCKS!! every time we start liking a troop they nerf them. Like Hogs, witches ( i used to love GOWIWI, and loved witches in general but havn't once used them since the nerf, they're useless) and now with healers.
    ASH I REALLY NEED YOUR OPINION ON MY IDEA, because it can make the game even more fun to play and add another layer of complexity, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.
    Now on the other hand if my army consists of: 2 golems, 6 giants, 2 witches, 4 healers, wizards, 1 baby dragon and some wallbreakers. THEN THE ARMY STRENGTH GOES UP BY 2% OR 5% OR WHATEVER. MORE DIVERSE THE ARMY THE STRENGTH INCREASES BASED ON THAT.
    This is just a rough idea, and it can be fine tuned of course. But can set it where the army strength increased tremendously based on a army which will never 3 star any TH, WHATEVER…..point im trying to make is lets not nerf healers, give us our witches back. And do something to that affect. Mass witch attack could have a negative 20% decrease is overall strength (what if they even added king and queens strength in there as well?) No idea is perfect, but this could add an interesting layer to the gameplay, of course if will require massive amount of testing on supercells part.
    Please let me know what you think.

  29. I Hate New Update ,,,I Miss AQ walk ,,,i quite plying coc

  30. Ash I agree with you. Queen walk isn't like a a brainless attack, because my dumb queen has gone the wrong way many times to ruin my attack. I never ever used healers until the update where air mine wont kill them. They were use less before and are useless now once again. I wish they didn't make this change rather did it so where lets say 4 or 3 or more healers trigger the air mine. and in the end if its only 2 healers it doesn't get triggered. (yes i know we could still use mass bowler walk with 2 healers) Im just saying they should have taken a different approach.

  31. 16:15 LMAO such a sweet kid

  32. I totally agree with you Ash. Think about not playing anymore. A troop army (TH9) I could count on to get me 50-70% when my queen is upgrading, got two losses and a one star 44% in three raid attempts. I won't be able to raid/farm at all when my queen is upgrading. So sad they went this route.

  33. Good stuff Ash – enjoy your reactions to updates in Clash :)

  34. I am a mid th 10 with max troops. I attacked a almost max th 9 and lost all 4 healers and my queen 40 seconds in the raid. I spent a month learning how to keep my healers alive till the end of the raid and finally nailed it a week ago. Now this happend… I hate supercell's "game balancing" updates. Thanks ash this was a very nice video with all the information I wanted on the healers.