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A Giant Thanks to All of You (non-gaming)

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  1. Take all the time you need we all understand he's in a better place and you'll see him there one day

  2. who the fuck disliked such a nyc video??

  3. nice video bro thnx of your gaming channel i hope Ash also do boom beach ehehehe

  4. You are an inspiration Ash. It's the little things that matter in life. Thank you for everything that you do and know that my prayers are with you. ❤

  5. You're a great person Ash. Enjoy your life brotha.
    R.I.P Shaun.

  6. I got your back ash 🙂 loved the story you shared about your bro

  7. why would anyone dislike this video??

  8. Good to have u back Ash. BTW cool hair style. Looks gr8 on u.

  9. We love you a lot bro (y) Wish our country had a good credit system, among the things I wanna do is become your patron. After all those helps you have been, couldn't do anything at all in return.

  10. Damn Ash, tough times. Nothing I can say to comfort you, but you are a class act. Glad that the community pulled together to support you.

  11. Keep your head up Tim! I've lost friends before and I'll admit I've never had the support that you do but being part of this support made me realize just how great things are! If you're ever in need of ever need a friend feel free to ask me. As a medic in the military I've seen a lot so ill gladly give you a shoulder!

  12. Still wishing you the best. Get through it as best you can. Take care.

  13. sorry for ur loss ? were all with you bro ❤

  14. I've been watching your channel since you had around 10k subs, and always enjoyed your content. I don't comment on youtube much (or anywhere for that matter)… but, your last non-gaming video really showed me how much of a good person you are. And this video really touched me. I've had some of the same experiences as you and I want to show that I support you. I heard the news via powerbang's channel, and showed my support through his stream, but I really appreciate all that you do, and so sorry for the loss of your brother.

  15. i almost cried watching this vedio!!

  16. Ash I known this is hard for you, but just never forget about the memories you had with him!

  17. y Would sumone dislike this video 🙁

    damn ppl

  18. Sorry for your loss

  19. hang in there bud

  20. How could 4 people even dislike this?

  21. My condolences to you & your family Ash, may you & family granted strength during this tough time. And good to see you back in action Ash, looking forward to see more videos from you. :)

  22. we're with you brother. stay strong. be well.

    RIP Shaun. ❤

  23. Glad to see you up and around. Stay well.

  24. God bless you man

  25. My condolences man hope you feel okay soon nice to hear you being positive about the things you did with your bro !

  26. So sorry to hear, 29 is so young ?

  27. clash with ash your awsome

  28. Love the right forearm tattoo. I was fortunate enough to work with a number of individuals with special needs, as a job coach. It was an amazing experience, still having an effect on me today.

  29. Thoughts and prayers with your family! 🙂 love you bro! You're just such a nice person always making people in the clans fell good and talk to us all! Little things like that like when you see me say hi, ask who I'm doing. Makes my day bro! You're a great guy! :)

  30. Hey great to see you back. Not going to get much easier in the next few weeks for u but all the best… Clash on!!!

  31. So glad the community helped you out. I helped with what I could because i believe in your mindset to just be as nice and genuine as you can with your life. You're an awesome dude. Keep your head up and clash on brotha.

  32. I'm sorry for your loss, both of you are in my prayers.

  33. Love you ash

  34. Hope you get better:)

  35. Stay strong ash! He sounds like an amazing individual! My deepest condolences

  36. Wow man… Cant imagine how hard this is for you. Hope you and your family get through this tough time together.

  37. Wow didn't get far enough in.. My fraternity does an event for ARC in my area.. It's a load of fun and well received by everyone with a lot of good behind it.

  38. watching this video makes me so emotional and almost brings me to tear. I'm so sorry for your lost and I'm sure that he will be missed. You are also an amazing guy, Ash.
    Keep your head up :)

  39. Stay strong Ash.

  40. You are a champ ash… Best wishes getting where you want to go from here

  41. Welcome back. You did awesome, and are looking great. Your brother sounds like a great person and I'm sure you feel blessed to have known him while he was with you.

  42. from iraq we love you bro ?

  43. Why would ANYONE , dislike this video. Ash your an intelligent and awesome guy , so sorry for your loss . Happy your optimistic about things

  44. my bro is my best friend…..can't fathom what you're experiencing right now, but know this, that Sean (spelling?) is in Heaven now. you're a great guy Ash and u seem the strong type…keep your head up :)

  45. animo bro reponte y se fuerte bro

  46. I'm so sorry Ash :(, love your vids, keep up the great work, your awesome!

  47. Hey ash I'm new to your channel but when I first saw your vids I immediately subscribed. I'm so sorry for what happened to your brother and he sounded like a great person to know. Please get better and thanks for the great videos. You're doing what you love and Ik a lot of people don't get to do that.

  48. Take all the time you ever need Ash! We understand how the loss of a loved one can affect someone. I just think it's amazing how you can come out and talk about it! We love you ash. Keep up the great work man!

  49. I'm extremely sorry for your loss. After reading your article and watching the video, I see the bond you had with your brother and how much of an amazing person you are. I feel horrible it happened to you, as you might be the most kindhearted person I know. Stay strong, we are always with you!